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    Along the righthand side of the page we have posted links to the various RSS Feeds that we generally consult. Each time the indicated site posts a new blog entry its list of new feeds changes. As we find sites that we like, the list will grow.

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Looking for Something?

If it is a WordPress BLOG then there should be two sets of menus across the top of the page (if the designer was being smart).

  • The top menu is often reserved for STATIC pages that are part of the site. It should be noted however that one of those static pages is often the SITEMAP.
  • The lower menu is usually the one which follows the CATEGORIES into which each article has been placed. You can often use these to find what you want.

Failing the menu searches then you have three others:

  • There is a SITE SEARCH at the top of each page. This does a search inside the site and should be reasonably fast if the site manager has bothered to use an optimized database.
  • And of course there is the CALENDAR which allows you to search by date. This one is less useful if you are not certain of the particular time when the article was published.
  • There is finally a CATEGORY CLOUD which is often used. It shows not only the various categories under which articles have been filed but the size of the category name (point size) is an estimate of the relative frequency with which articles have been file using that name.