War on Pedestrians

James Liu, a cyclist who was handcuffed and arrested for disorderly conduct after he hit an SUV swerving into the bike lane with his hand, was found guilty of the charge in a hearing Thursday. The SUV's driver was an off-duty cop. DNAinfo/Stephanie Lulay

In Search of a Consistent Message…

Background Reading There Have Been Three Serious Bike Crashes and Four Deaths in Last 12 Days (StreetsBlog) Cyclist Loses Foot After Being Hit by Turning Truck Driver at Roosevelt/Wood (ABC) Reported “Dooring” Bike Crashes Dropped Significantly from 2011 to 2014 (StreetsBlog) Sliding-Scale Fines Could Make Chicago […]

Night Sky As Seen From Seven Gables Park

They Teach Sex Education for the Same Reasons…

There was an exchange today that was very telling. Usually on bicycle-related forums you have the predictable responses from attendees: Someone writes to notify the rest of the group that another death has occurred. Then the ‘crocodile tear squad‘ arrives […]

Autonomous Cars

Each Passing Day The Urban Cycling Movement Moves Further Into Trump-Land

Background Reading Fully Autonomous Cars Are Unlikely, Says America’s Top Transportation Safety Official (technologyreview) The Real Risks in Urban Cycling (citylab) Bike lanes give cyclists free ride at expense of drivers, urban planning (chicagotribune) Chicago’s war on cars (chicagotribune) College High: Students Are Using […]

Curb height two-way cycle track at an intersection via Steve Vance on flickr

If The Urban Cycling Movement Were A Restaurant…

Background Reading How protected bike lanes improve safety, community (desmoinesregister) Report: As cities add bike lanes, more people bike and biking gets safer (brokensidewalk) Dodge Avenue Bike Lane Called ‘Horrendous’ (evanstonroundtable) Summary Dodge Avenue Bike Lane Called ‘Horrendous’ The protected bike lane on […]

A man rides his bike in a bicycle shed near Central Station Amsterdam. (REUTERS/Koen van Weel)

There Is A Need For Better Cycling-Friendliness

Background Reading Could the Dutch Be Even More Bike-Friendly? Summary In Amsterdam, the bicycle rules. Free of fear and helmets, hordes of cyclists fill the streets at rush hour, using their numbers to dominate drivers and pedestrians. More trips in the […]

This applies even to the Urban Cycling Movement.

A Slippery Slope…

Background Reading City Studying Changes to West St. Intersection, Site of Cyclist Fatality (tribecatrib) What’s Causing Chicago’s Latest Wave of Cycling Deaths and Serious Crashes? (streetsblog) Summary On July 3, around 9:45 AM, a 21-year-old man was biking north on […]

Carole Barkley (before the collision). (Photo: David Loftus)

Bicycles Are Treated Like Beers

Background Reading WATCH: Do Bicyclists In Chicago Deserve A Bad Rap … (OnLine) TriMet releases video, statement on Tilikum collision – BikePortland.org (PDF) Woman walking near Tilikum Bridge suffers serious injuries in collision with bicycle rider – BikePortland.org (PDF) Summary TakeAways So when […]

Photo (of a safe interaction) by M.V. Jantzen on Flickr.

Those ‘Nasty Little Corollaries’

TakeAways We cyclists have a very nasty habit of trying to paint motorists into corners every chance we get. But frankly anything that is wrong with motorists is probably wrong with cyclists. The most common trait that these two groups […]

A man yells at a cyclist stopped by police for going through a red light in Central Park on Sept 19. Photo: Robert Miller

Cyclists Are Just As Clueless As Motorists, They Don’t Look!

You are supposed to SLOW DOWN rather than just shouting, ‘Look Out’! If you have time to shout, you also have time to take action and stop.

Not the cyclist in question. (Jamie_NYC on Flickr)

How To Deal With Pedestrians

Background Reading NYC Cyclist Explains Why %22Frightening Pedestrians%22 Is Important: Gothamist (PDF) Summary Yesterday’s article featuring etiquette tips for bicycling—don’t ride on sidewalks, be humble in elevators, etc.—sparked a wide range of reactions, from recommendations that cyclists ride three feet away from parked […]

NYC Pedestrians © Eric Konon

Decline in Civility? Surely You Jest?

Background Reading Safe bicycling in Chicago? Not any time soon. – Chicago Tribune (PDF) Summary TakeAways Pay special attention to the cyclist who ran over the pedestrian. What do you think he does first? Check on his victim, or… Check on […]

Cyclists must yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.

Origin of the Term Jaywalking

Background Reading Origin of the Term Jaywalking (PDF) 625 ILCS 5:1-113 (PDF) Illinois General Assembly – Illinois Compiled Statutes (PDF) Summary In the article cited above this explanation appears: Thus, to “Jay walk” was to be stupid by crossing the street in an […]


I did not see you, not see me, corrolary

Background Reading Missed Connection Thread (ChainLink) Summary The ChainLink is vastly improved from its former self. But one trait persists both there and in the psyche of each and every Urban Cyclist alive on the planet: ‘A strong sense of victimhood‘. […]

'We've got an aggressive road culture in Britain' … Danny Williams and Caroline Russell. Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian Graham Turner/Guardian

Can cyclists and pedestrians share the road?

Interview by Joanna Moorhead Friday 4 January 2013 15.31 EST Source: The Guardian Cycling shot up the agenda in 2012 with Britain’s Olympic success and a national media campaign. But are other road users being forgotten in the rush to make […]

Rewarding 'Bad Behavior'?

Crash victim calls for separating cyclists and pedestrians on Lakefront Trail

Submitted by kwhitehead on Tue, 11/18/2014 – 11:15am Source: Active Transportation Alliance Megan Williams, 27, was jogging on Chicago’s Lakefront Trail while training for her first Chicago Marathon earlier this fall when she was suddenly struck by a bicyclist. The […]