War On Cars

Night Sky As Seen From Seven Gables Park

They Teach Sex Education for the Same Reasons…

There was an exchange today that was very telling. Usually on bicycle-related forums you have the predictable responses from attendees: Someone writes to notify the rest of the group that another death has occurred. Then the ‘crocodile tear squad‘ arrives […]

Autonomous Cars

Each Passing Day The Urban Cycling Movement Moves Further Into Trump-Land

Background Reading Fully Autonomous Cars Are Unlikely, Says America’s Top Transportation Safety Official (technologyreview) The Real Risks in Urban Cycling (citylab) Bike lanes give cyclists free ride at expense of drivers, urban planning (chicagotribune) Chicago’s war on cars (chicagotribune) College High: Students Are Using […]

This applies even to the Urban Cycling Movement.

A Slippery Slope…

Background Reading City Studying Changes to West St. Intersection, Site of Cyclist Fatality (tribecatrib) What’s Causing Chicago’s Latest Wave of Cycling Deaths and Serious Crashes? (streetsblog) Summary On July 3, around 9:45 AM, a 21-year-old man was biking north on […]

ottman, who formerly rode professionally, says that bikers can mess up on the road, too. Photo: John Haynes

A War Nobody Is ‘Winning’

Background Reading Megan Hottman, Bike-Car War Mitigator | City Biking | OutsideOnline.com (PDF) Summary TakeAways At the end of the day, all collisions are caused human failures. Even in situations where a part fails, it is either the fault of lack of […]

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Rauner’s budget aims to run transit funding off the rails

Background Reading Millions of Illinois residents rely on public transit every day to get to school, work and other destinations safely and reliably. Transit access makes our communities more attractive and healthier for businesses and residents, and gives commuters options […]

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Ending The War on the Car: How Cyclists Might Talk To Conservatives and Drivers

Lloyd Alter (@lloydalter) January 4, 2011 Source: Tree Hugger The phrase “war on the car” was common in Toronto, Canada whenever a bike lane was installed or new dedicated streetcar lanes proposed. The war quieted down for a while, until […]

There is no war on cars — but there should be. (Credit: poeloq)

Is it time for a real war on cars?

By David Suzuki with contributions from Ian Hanington, Senior Editor April 17, 2014 Source: David Suzuki Foundation Cars directly kill and hurt more people every year than most diseases, resulting in 1.5 million deaths and 78 million injuries needing medical […]

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and bike czar Gabe Klein

Chicago’s war on cars

November 27, 2011|John McCarron Source: Chicago Tribune Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s undeclared war on the automobile wouldn’t be so bad if the city gave commuters some practical alternatives. And by practical, I don’t mean bicycles. Or “rapid” CTA buses that are supposed to […]


Urban Cyclists Have Been Bargaining In ‘Bad Faith’

Background Reading  Losing Your Way Inside A Maze of Arrogance And Disdain (BeezodogsPlace) Summary Urban Cyclists have been doing some really stupid things from Day 1. Like the Marriage Equality Movement they have agitated for the ‘right to be treated like […]

Pedestrians on Chicago streets have to keep a watchful eye out for bicyclists. (Antonio Perez, Chicago Tribune 2013)

Could Chicago ban bicycles for a day?

By Ron Grossman, Tribune reporter October 6, 2014 12:16 PM Source: Chicago Tribune I can’t be the only pedestrian hoping for an early snowfall after months of dodging bicycles, Chicago’s version of the running of the bulls at Pamplona. It’s […]