“Vision Zero”

Photo by Kevin Montgomery

The ‘Moral Imperative’ Inherent In The ‘Vision Zero’ Mandate

Background Reading Letter: Distracted drivers are the problem, not cyclists – Highland Park News (PDF) Summary TakeAways There is something very seductive about idea behind ‘stop nowhere‘. It appeals to the wanderlust in us all. Somewhere along the way the cycling […]

Cyclists The World Over Support 'Vision Zero'

Let’s Get It Right, People…

TakeAways Ever notice how bicycle advocacy eventually gets around to blaming a lack of safety on the automobile? In fact this fellow talks about: Moloch |ˈmälək, ˈmōˌläk| a Canaanite idol to whom children were sacrificed.• (as noun a Moloch) a tyrannical object of sacrifices. Well, I am […]

In Sweden, nearly all school buses and government vehicles include built-in Breathalyzers, which prevent a car from starting if a driver is not sober. Credit Jonathan Nackstrand for The New York

‘Vision Zero’ Is Just A ‘Campaign Promise’, Right?

Background Reading Woman driving wrong-way on SW Stark hits bicycle rider, several cars, then tries to flee – BikePortland.org (PDF) A Safety Plan With Swedish Logic and City Smarts – NYTimes.com (PDF) Summary TakeAways This all began when the BikePortland site posted […]

The City Safety system in the all-new Volvo XC90 features Cyclist detection with full auto brake, day and night.

Prospects for Attaining ‘Vision Zero’ Look Good For Motorists… But Not For Bicyclists…

Background Reading Blog Post | Will Auto Manufacturers Help Save Cyclists? | Car Talk (PDF) Summary Cars and bikes don’t always mix well. Deaths from bicyclists and cars colliding are up nationally, from 680 in 2011 to 726 in 2012, the most […]

Cyclist Should Be Leading The Charge For Bicycle ‘Roadworthiness’ Laws

Background Reading The ‘Vulnerable User’ Strategy Is Crippling Cycling Safety (BeezodogsPlace) Summary The recent spate of attempts (HB 3255) on the West Coast to upgrade the ‘roadworthiness status of bicycles to that of basic transportation‘ is showing just how far we have […]

What Will 2096 Look Like For 'Vision Zero'?

In 81 Years How Will The ‘Vision Zero’ Campaign Results Look?

Background Reading In 1934, The Oregonian’s ‘Let’s Quit Killing’ campaign declared a war on traffic deaths – BikePortland.org (PDF) Summary Slow-moving, prosperous and desirable central city streets are nothing new; they’re just a return to the traditional ideas of our great-grandparents. […]

Bike-Involved Collisions

Can ‘Vision Zero’ Be Attained Merely Using Bike Lanes?

Background Reading Seattle’s plummeting bike collision rate may have stalled | Seattle Bike Blog (PDF) Summary The articles begins: As more people bike in a city, the total number of bicycle-involved collisions often remains flat. Sometimes it rises a little, and […]

The protected bike lanes on Jackson Blvd. continue as a buffered bike lane beginning east of Ogden Av., with pavement markings instead of a physical barrier between vehicles and bicyclists, Sun., Feb. 10, 2013 in Chicago. (Chuck Berman, Chicago Tribune)

What About Bike Safety Technology For Pedestrians?

Background Reading Cyclists, pedestrians should benefit from car safety technology – Chicago Tribune (PDF) Summary TakeAways Smart anti-collision features have become a trend in car manufacture. It is about time. But one thing that cyclists have failed to even ask of […]