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Posted with the question, "Why are cars parked in the Protected Bike Lane".

An Example of Why Training Is Needed…

Background Reading Summary The picture above appeared in a cycling forum. The question was asked of the readers of the forum, “What can be done to keep cars from parking in the Protected Bike Lane?” After looking back and forth […]

Chicago police Officer Julio Guevara, left, instructs other officers during a bike patrol certification class last month near a training facility on the Near West Side. (Michael Tercha, Chicago Tribune)

‘Vision Zero’ : What It Really Means

Published on Mar 4, 2015 Stanley Roberts looks at a joint enforcement detail conducted by San Francisco Police and The California Highway Patrol TakeAways God Bless Stanley Roberts. Sometimes it is difficult for us cyclists to really see ourselves in […]

Centered Bike Lanes with Bike Box At Intersection

Let’s Rid Ourselves of the Posturing

Background Reading No More ‘Urban Cycling Elitism’! (BeezodogsPlace) Why no lights? (BeezodogsPlace) You’re Not the Boss of Me : In Defense of ‘Salmoning’ and ‘Shoaling’ (BeezodogsPlace) Why cyclists should be able to roll through stop signs and ride through red lights (BeezodogsPlace) Idaho Stop Law: […]

Abandoned WWII cars in the Ardennes

Urban Cyclists Find New Way To Be ‘Victims’

Background Reading  A Near Miss: In The Shadow of the Hector Avalos ‘Ghost Bike’ (BeezodogsPlace) Trees, Urban Cyclists and Luncheon at the Updated Native Foods Cafe (BeezodogsPlace) Summary Last night was another fun time on Ogden. It reminded me of an analogous […]

Use the Bicycle Lane - Brooke Appler

Barrington Hills “Response” to Crash and Cycling Issues

February 5, 2009 Source: North Suburban Complete Streets RE: Village of Barrington Hills Bicycle Ordinances During the spring and summer months, large numbers of bicyclists ride throughout the Village of Barrington Hills. A 2008 Barrington Hills Police Department survey indicated that bicyclists were a […]

League of Illinois Bicyclists

LIB: Illinois Bicycle Law Card (2011)

Background Reading LIB: Bicycle Law Card (2011) (PDF) Does the Active Transportation Alliance have informational cards like this? If not, why not? Source: LIB Enforcement Resources Page Summary LIB offers law enforcement agencies several resources to help them train officers on bicycling […]