Spending On Bike and Pedestrian Infrastructures

JOSH REYNOLDS FOR THE GLOBE/FILE Bicycle commuters were spotted near Porter Square in 2011.

Let Me Get My Flak Jacket On Straight

Background Reading Boston’s roads aren’t meant for bicycles – The Boston Globe (PDF) Summary TakeAways My that is a provocative title for an article on bicycling. But before you get your ‘knickers in a twist‘ isn’t that the general idea that […]

Rahm Emanuel

Breitbart? Really? You Do Know Who He Was, Right?

Background Reading Internal Polling Shows ‘No Way’ Chicago Mayor Can Win Re-Election (PDF) Summary TakeAways I have no idea what the future holds for spending on bicycle infrastructure. But I am wondering just how forgiving politicians are when their constituencies turn […]

New York City Council members Mark Weprin (L) Ydanis Rodriguez, with Families for Safe Streets' Amy Cohen, standing outside City Hall (Kate Hinds )

The Horns of a Tax Dilemma

Background Reading Four Dangerous NYC Streets Could Get $250 Million Safety Upgrade – WNYC (PDF) Summary The de Blasio administration wants to give four New York City streets a $250 million safety overhaul. Under the mayor’s preliminary budget, Fourth Avenue and […]

Renovation work at the South Shore Cultural Center is among the projects put on hold after Gov. Bruce Rauner froze $28 million in state funding for 27 Chicago parks projects. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has asked the governor to unfreeze those funds. | File Photo

Another Round of Kabuki Theatre

Background Reading Emanuel demands that Rauner reverse freeze that threatens $28 million in projects at Chicago parks | Chicago (PDF) Summary The public rift between Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his pal, Gov. Bruce Rauner, got wider Thursday, thanks to Rauner’s decision […]

The parking lot at Green Hills Elementary school is almost empty when Principal Peter Towne pulls off his black helmet and swings his bike into the rack.

Placer County Subsidizes Bicycles To Get Cars Off The Road

Listen to the audio here… Background Reading Placer County Subsidizes Bicycles To Get Cars Off The Road – capradio.org (PDF) Summary TakeAways First off, let’s be honest. This sort of thing is darned rare. Here you have a community with what […]

(Courtesy The McCormick Collection) Rendering of the planned Marriott Marquis Chicago. Significant portion of Neighborhoods Now cash tied to hotels and stadium near McCormick Place.

Getting More Bang For His Buck?

Background Reading Emanuel counts surprising projects under the neighborhood development umbrella | WBEZ 91.5 Chicago (PDF) Summary TakeAways Suddenly the Chicago ChainLink Forum Crowd has moved from being ‘ass-kissers‘ of the current administration to openly working for Chuy Garcia’s campaign. Hey, […]

11 injured and 3 dead in ‘One Day’ – Do We Need New Bike Infrastructure?

Background Reading Shootings leave 3 dead, 11 injured across city – Chicago Tribune (PDF) London is building Europe’s longest bike superhighway | Grist (PDF) Here’s the Latest Look at the Bloomingdale Trail [PHOTOS] – Bucktown – DNAinfo.com Chicago (PDF) Summary   TakeAways There […]

Karla Kingsley and Matt Chwierut chose a single-family house in a neighborhood in Portland, Ore., based on its proximity to the city center. PHOTO: AMANDA LUCIER FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

New Survey Shows 66% of Millennials Want to Live in the Suburbs

Background Reading Millennials Prefer Single-Family Homes in the Suburbs – WSJ (PDF) Summary TakeAways I find this survey encouraging because it signals the inevitable ‘growing up‘ of this particular generation. What might be in order however is the shift from an […]

Jennifer Kraft was left paralyzed from the chest down. Jennifer Kraft

The Big Lie: Infrastructure Will Keep Us ‘Safe’

Background Reading  Paralyzed Bicyclist Sues City, Saying Lakefront Trail Dropped Nine Feet (PDF) Woman sues over accident on bike path that left her paralyzed (PDF) Summary Despite what you read in StreetsBlog bicycle infrastructure can only take you so far. The rest […]

©ThinkStock - The debate over Chicago's red-light traffic camera program today morphed into a holiday tree of sorts for the mayoral candidates.

Fioretti wants to abolish city’s red-light camera program

By GREG HINZ December 22, 2014 Source: Crain’s Chicago Business Just in time for Christmas, the debate over Chicago’s red-light traffic camera program today morphed into a holiday tree of sorts for the mayoral candidates, as Ald. Bob Fioretti, 2nd, […]

(WNYC/Kat Aaron)

Here Are 10 More People Who Have Died in Traffic Crashes This Year (Because It Keeps Happening)

Monday, November 24, 2014 – 02:57 PM By Kat Aaron / Rhona Tarrant Source: Transportation Nation Elliot Mintzer, 67, was winning a battle with cancer. Jerrison Garcia, 25, was “a free spirit,” a contrast with his job as a security […]


How private data is helping cities build better bike routes

by Shaun Courtney November 11, 2014 Source: Urbanful The Nickel Tour: Transit planners who want to build more bicycle infrastructure often lack sufficient data, but private sector apps may offer the data they need to make good decisions. Transportation agencies around the […]

Sharing Space With Pedestrians

Divvy Riders Are Exposing Infrastructure Flaws

Background Reading Motorists Respond to Stranded Divvy Rider With Concern, Not Abuse (StreetsBlog) More Mental Kass-turbation About the Lake Shore Drive Divvy Rider (StreetsBlog) Troubling Lack of Compassion for Endangered Divvy Rider on Lake Shore Drive (StreetsBlog) John Kass Returns to Bike […]

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Michael Andersen, Green Lane Project staff writer August 19, 2014 Source: People For Bikes The American bike-lane design revolution keeps rolling. Seven years ago, protected bike lanes were one of two things in the United States: a relic of the pre-Watergate […]


Again With The Conflicting Messages

Background Reading Bitter battle between motorists and bikers (ChainLink) The Tale of the Alleycat (ChicagoBikeAdvocate) Another read on Cyclists / Stop Signs / Red lights (ChainLink) Summary Reply by Mike Zumwalt 7 hours ago “The rage may have hit a […]

Putting On A Helmet

Every Community Should Develop Its Own ‘Bicycle Infrastructure’ Expertise

Background Reading Explaining the Bi-directional Cycle Track Folly (BeezodogsPlace) If There Were No ‘Cycling Community/Movement’ (BeezodogsPlace) City Cycling: Health Versus Hazard (BeezodogsPlace) ACTION ALERT: Speak Up For Protected Bike Lanes In Downtown Boston (BeezodogsPlace) Jan Heine Is Correct. “A Bad Cycle Track Is Bad.” (BeezodogsPlace) […]

The White House has warned that without more money for the federal Highway Trust Fund, which helps states pay for road and infrastructure projects, construction delays will put thousands out of work. Seth Perlman/AP

Federal Highway Program Could Run Out Of Money Next Month

by ALAN GREENBLATT July 03, 2014 1:50 PM ET Source: NPR Congress has yet another problem it can’t solve. For years, the main federal transportation program has been spending more money than it takes in. This year, the Congressional Budget […]

Look! Crosswalk sign urging pedestrians to pay attention (Kate Hinds/WNYC)

Where the Pedestrian Deaths Are

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 – 08:00 AM By KATE HINDS Source: TransportationNation Between 2003 and 2012, more than 47,000 pedestrians were killed nationwide — even as traffic fatalities overall were falling. Roger Millar, the director of the National Complete Streets Coalition, […]