SON Hub Generators

“Safe” Bicycling Is Less Egalitarian Than We Think

Background Reading SON Schmidt’s Original Hub Dynamos – Schmidt Maschinenbau Overview of SON Generator Hubs | Off The Beaten Path Schmidt SON dynamo hub – Peter White Cycles See.Sense ICON the intelligent and connected bike light | See.Sense Review: See.Sense. […]

CatEye HL-EL010 Uno Cycle Headlight (Helmet Light)

Thoughts On Lighting For Urban Ninja Riders

Background Reading Why no lights? (ChainLink) Summary Reply by Shawn Evans yesterday I think these are the same people I see riding the wrong way on a 2-way street – late teens or just out of their teens, this is the […]

Edelux II

Visiblity Tests: Headlights w/ Tinted Zzipper Front Fairing

Background Reading Headlights by Wilfried Schmidt (BeezodogsPlace) Choosing Your Headlight (BeezodogsPlace) New Lights! (BeezodogsPlace) Summary Karl Abbe asked if we could provide a bit of information regarding the efficacy of using a tinted front Zzipper fairing on a bike that was fitted with […]

Edelux II

Headlights by Wilfried Schmidt

Source: Peter White Cycles New for 2014, the Edelux II   Wilfried Schmidt Maschinenbau of Tübingen, Germany makes several headlights for 6 volt dynamo systems. Their latest is the Edelux II which produces the brightest beam available at 90 lux at […]