Pedestrian and Bicycles

This applies even to the Urban Cycling Movement.

Blaming ‘The System’ And Not ‘The Victim’ Works For Me…

Background Reading How to Counter the Victim-Blaming Impulse After a Traffic Crash (streetsblog) Mom spared jail time after driver hits, kills boy (cnn) Mom granted new trial in death of son struck by driver (cnn) Woman Convicted of Homicide After Drunk […]

The Tyranny of Speed

Background Reading The Tyranny of Speed | Chester Cycling (PDF) Summary TakeAways This article begins as follows: Speeding is probably the most common and socially acceptable form of lawbreaking. Close to 100% of motorists will have less than perfect adherence to […]

The rider dodged a car, only to slam into a United Parcel Service worker on Dekalb Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, late Wednesday, according to a witness.

Bicyclist left critically injured after hitting pedestrian…

Background Reading Brooklyn bicyclist left injured after hitting pedestrian – NY Daily News (PDF) Summary TakeAways Evidently bicyclists are vulnerable not just to 3,000 lb. automobiles, but can sustain critical injuries from hitting a pedestrian as well! Ouch!

You are just pedalling, you plastic-hatted ninnies, not saving the bloody planet

Police: Cyclist crashes into, then stabs, pedestrian

Seattle police arrested a man for assault early Sunday after he crashed his bike into, and then stabbed, a pedestrian. Check out this story on

A woman rode a Citi Bike near Madison Square Park on Monday. Women take about a quarter of all Citi Bike trips and make up just under a third of its members. Credit Christopher Lee for The New York Times

Should Cars and Cyclists Share Equal Liabilities?

Background Reading Injuring A Pedestrian With A Bicycle Is Assault With A Deadly Weapon, But Killing A Cyclist With A Car Is Not | IsolateCyclist (PDF) Summary TakeAways This is a curious problem. Cyclists want more severe charges brought against motorists […]

Photo (of a safe interaction) by M.V. Jantzen on Flickr.

Those ‘Nasty Little Corollaries’

TakeAways We cyclists have a very nasty habit of trying to paint motorists into corners every chance we get. But frankly anything that is wrong with motorists is probably wrong with cyclists. The most common trait that these two groups […]

Mike Sebring, left, of Naperville and his son Grant, 15, live near the Knock Knolls Nature Center and ride the bike path there regularly. Mike says both bicyclists and pedestrians need to be aware of one another and their surroundings. (David Sharos, Naperville Sun)

Trail Users Be Alert!

Background Reading Officials say trail users need to unplug and stay alert – Naperville Sun (PDF) Summary With the month of May finally arriving, warmer weather means more folks will be heading out on the vast web of trails and bike […]

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Pedestrian-Hostile Crosswalk Design?

Background Reading U.S. City Thinks Having Pedestrians Carry Flags Will Keep Them Safe | WIRED (PDF) Summary PEDESTRIANS IN ONE Connecticut city might get around a bit more safely, if they don’t mind crossing the street carrying a bright yellow flag. The […]

A man yells at a cyclist stopped by police for going through a red light in Central Park on Sept 19. Photo: Robert Miller

Cyclists Are Just As Clueless As Motorists, They Don’t Look!

You are supposed to SLOW DOWN rather than just shouting, ‘Look Out’! If you have time to shout, you also have time to take action and stop.

Not the cyclist in question. (Jamie_NYC on Flickr)

How To Deal With Pedestrians

Background Reading NYC Cyclist Explains Why %22Frightening Pedestrians%22 Is Important: Gothamist (PDF) Summary Yesterday’s article featuring etiquette tips for bicycling—don’t ride on sidewalks, be humble in elevators, etc.—sparked a wide range of reactions, from recommendations that cyclists ride three feet away from parked […]

No Matter The Circumstances ‘Pedestrians Rule’

TakeAways The facts are that cyclists are the least vulnerable users on the roadway. People in cars die in the greatest numbers, followed by pedestrians. People who ride bicycles and believe that the attitude of this cyclists is ‘kosher‘ must […]

Cyclists must yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.

Teaching respect for pedestrian crossings

Published on Aug 31, 2012 Rotary Club from the city of Blumenau, Brazil, started a campaign aimed at drivers who don’t respect crosswalks. There really ought to be a companion video showing a cyclist who is stopped before riding through […]