Nikon R1C1 Flash System

Morton Arboretum Visitors Area

More Fall Flora @ Morton Arboretum – Thursday, 27 October 2016

Here are images made on Thursday, 27 October 2016. They were taken in the Visitor’s Parking area near the main guest building. Our primary focus was on the purple berries that flourish here. But several other floral species were also […]

Morton Arboretum Visitors Area

Hidden Lake and Morton Arboretum Images

Connie’s images of Hidden Lake and Morton Arboretum Learn a bit more about Hidden Lake here. Downers Grove Hidden Lake Forest Preserve Hidden Lake (DuPage County Forest Preserve District) Eric and Connie’s images from the Morton Arboretum

Seven Gables Flash Image (Made with Nikon R1C1 Flash System)

Seven Gables Macro Flash Images

Tried out the Nikon R1C1 Flash System. It creates a somewhat soft diffused lighting that works well with the Micro-Nikko 85mm lens. The colors are fairly true and aside from very smooth shiny surfaces that produce catchlights the images are […]