Mass Transit in Chicagoland

San Francisco Critical Mass -

This Makes Cheerleading Active Transit Awkward

Chicagoans Really Don’t Like Sitting Near People on the ‘L’, Results Show (OnLine) CHICAGO — Nearly 10,000 Chicagoans shared with us where they stand or sit on the “L” on the first day of our interactive app. We’ll have more analysis soon from the interactive, […]

Tawani staffers, Moore, and Pritzker at the ribbon cutting. Pritzker is using a replica of a sabre owned by General Philip Sheridan. Image courtesy of the 49th Ward.

Powerful Women 3, Snarky Males 0

Background Reading New Pritzker Project Is Basically A Transit-Ignoring Development | Streetsblog Chicago (PDF) Pritzker: My New Garage Will Fight Congestion, Is a Symbol of Democracy | Streetsblog Chicago (PDF) Summary TakeAways I am beginning to really enjoy the fact […]

The city's first curb-protected bike lanes were installed this week in Douglas Park in North Lawndale. [DNAinfo/Stephanie Lulay]

When ‘Making A Statement’ Gets Tiresome

Background Reading   TakeAways It is always startling to read that a committed member of the Urban Cycling Movement whose bicycle advocacy organization represents itself as the spokesman for cyclists, pedestrians and mass transit users should be so negative towards the […]

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The Poor Deserve A Better Mass Transit System

Background Reading Here’s what it’s like to ride San Francisco’s $6 private bus | Grist (PDF) Summary Not too long ago, I wrote about a new bus that arrived in San Francisco. It was a fancy bus made by and for the […]

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Mass Transit : All Is Not ‘Sweetness And Light’

Background Reading Boston MBTA Chief: Take This Transit System and Shove It – The Daily Beast (PDF) Excerpts from Beverly Scott’s 26-minute press conference Feb. 10 – CommonWealth Magazine (PDF) Summary TakeAways To listen to the likes of StreetsBlog tell it, Mass […]

A taxi drives down a bus lane in Washington, D.C. Franklyn Cater/NPR


Background Reading How Can Cities Reverse Urban Sprawl, Increase Transit Use, Reduce Emissions? (PDF) Low Crime Rates In Large Cities Support Multi-Modal Planning and Smart Growth (PDF) Smart Growth and Transportation (PDF) Summary Urbanists keep wondering how to reverse ‘Urban Sprawl‘. Well the […]

Metropolitan Transit Woes

Background Reading Chicagoans spend 71 hours a year stuck in traffic, agency says (PDF) Delays a problem, but fewer late trains than 2014, Metra says (PDF) FOX 32 News Chicago Summary As much as cyclists would like to point the finger at […]

Actually, sledding across 79th Street might have been faster (Kris Arnold/flickr)

This Bus is Slower Than a Lava Flow

Thursday, December 11, 2014 – 10:30 AM By Kate Hinds Source: Transportation Nation This year’s Pokey for New York City’s slowest bus line goes to the M79, with an average speed of 3.2 miles per hour. “I’d think twice before […]

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messing with my bike on the bus

Posted by Julie Hochstadter on May 29, 2013 at 10:43pm Source: ChainLink Forum Anyone else have someone mess with their bike on the bus rack? I hopped on the bus with my bike tonight because I left my lights at home. Big […]