Licensing Bicycles


How To Ride In Traffic (Bikes v. Cars)

Background Reading Bikes Versus Cars, How to Ride in Traffic – I Love Bicycling (PDF) Summary TakeAways I was reading a complaint from a cyclist whose bike was locked up to am inverted bike stand. Someone came along and in the […]

If cyclists were required to pay a state registration fee to ride their bikes on public roads, there’d be more money to carve out bicycle lanes. (Jay L. Clenenin / Los Angeles Times)

Good Roads Movement

Background Reading Good Roads Movement – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (PDF) Summary TakeAways Almost a century after the fact some bicyclists want to take credit for bringing paved roads into being in these United States. Wikipedia explains the aftermath: At the […]

Streets & Sanitation workers going down a street in 2012. File Photo. | Brian Jackson~Sun-Times

Keep The Red Light/Speed Cameras, But NEVER a Bike Fee?

Background Reading Property tax hike, garbage fee, congestion tax all on the table | Chicago (PDF) Summary TakeAways When you have a view of the world that looks like this: It is hard to imagine that the sun does not shine […]

Cyclists must yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.

Cyclists Ignorance and Indifference Is Dangerous!

Background Reading Pedal a mile in my shoes – Chicago Tribune (PDF) Summary TakeAways I found the Tribune article very refreshing. Everyone needs to have a better grasp of their responsibilities as well as their rights. But as the author puts […]

Bike license - Children in Germany become acquainted with bikes at a very young age. Practically before they can walk, toddlers can be seen scooting around on pedal-free wooden bike-like constructions known literally as a "run wheel" in German. A few years down the track, police officers come to schools to guide 8-to-9-year-olds through an official "bicycle license" program, where kids learn traffic rules.

True Dat!

A cyclist zooms past the "look bikes" signage at Dearborn and Madison streets in Chicago on July 25, 2013. (Antonio Perez, Chicago Tribune)

A More Realistic Look at Bicycle and Automobile Interactions

Background Reading Pedal a mile in my shoes – Chicago Tribune (PDF) Summary As a cyclist who commutes to work by bike, the news that protected bike lanes are being built along a stretch of Clybourn Avenue in Chicago elicits little more than […]

Oh my!

Ostriches and Urban Cyclists Have Something In Common

Background Reading URGENT: Attend Tonight’s, May 12, Sausalito City Council Mtg to Oppose Paid Bike Parking & Mandatory Licensing! (PDF) Summary URGENT! Attend TONIGHT’s, May 12, Sausalito City Council Meeting to Oppose Anti-Bike Policies! City of Sausalito: Special City Council Meeting TONIGHT, […]

Alderman Dowell with bike safety campers. Would these kids have to pay a licensing fee? Photo: John Greenfield

White Folks Learning To ‘Shuck and Jive’

Background Reading No, a Bike License Fee Doesn’t Make Any Sense | Streetsblog Chicago (PDF) Summary Alderman Patricia Dowell (3rd, Bronzeville, South Loop) floated the idea yesterday that Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s budget proposal to raise the cable television tax could be […]

Bill would require neon clothes, government ID for cyclists

Background Reading Bill would require neon clothes, government ID for cyclists (PDF) Summary Two hundred square inches of reflective neon could become required equipment for cyclists, along with government-issued identification, if legislators support a bill that came before the state House […]

The Rahmfather seeks to soak dog owners, yet bicyclists ride with abandon through the streets of Chicago, with no threat of fine or tax hanging over them. (Jose M. Osorio, Chicago Tribune)

Dog People vs. Little Bike People. What’s Rahm to do?

John Kass – jskass​ Source: Chicago Tribune It’s a terrible thing when a tiny mayoral loafer steps into waste. And by waste, I’m talking dog-doo. But I’m going to try to help Mayor Rahm Emanuel escape from a steaming pile of […]