Idaho Stop Law

People finish their daily commutes and sometimes have anecdotes about the maniac who ran a red light. Does anyone note the bicyclists who obey traffic laws? (Antonio Perez, Chicago Tribune)

Controlling the Urban Cycling Community By Controlling The Information We Get

Background Reading Divvy Rider Killed, Believed To Be Nation’s First Bike-Sharing Death (dnainfo) Study: To Keep Bicyclists Outside the Door Zone, You Need a Buffer (streetsblog) Summary Most lawyers and bicycle advocacy groups follow the usual approach to cycling tragedies used […]

Jackson-Morgan Intersection (Showing Missing Bike Box)

Making ‘Shit’ Up As We Go…

Background Reading One rider explained his method of executing a ‘left hand’ turn at a 4-way stop thusly: As he approaches an intersection (with a 4-way stop) while riding on a bi-directional street he rides up to the intersection ‘against […]

John Buckner, a longtime employee of the Chicago Police Department, was killed Wednesday. He's shown here with his wife Louise. Family photo

Please Do Not Confuse The ‘Urban Cycling Movement’ with the ‘Civil Rights Movement’

TakeAways Members of the Urban Cycling Movement like to confuse themselves with the likes of the Freedom Riders of the 1960s. But there is a very huge difference. When Boub vs. Wayne was fought in the courts here in Illinois […]

A bicyclist is in critical condition after she was stuck by a vehicle Sunday night in Lincolnwood. | Network Video Productions

18-year-old bicyclist in critical condition after Lincolnwood crash

Sun-Times Article: An 18-year-old woman is in critical condition after she was struck by an SUV while riding her bicycle Sunday night in north suburban Lincolnwood. The bicyclist was heading eastbound on Pratt Avenue and tried to cross McCormick […]

Standing tall on the back of mum’s bicycle. Dutch children have no problem balancing on a bicycle. That’s why this girl doesn’t even hold on to her mother…

Junction Design the Dutch ‘Cycle Friendly’ Way

Background Reading Summary TakeAways There is a vast difference between the types of bicycle infrastructure we have been developing and the ‘real thing‘. But like a kid born in poverty who has never had much given to him by his […]

Images: City of Davis.

Even A Protected Intersection Requires ‘Complete Stops’

Background Reading America’s first protected intersection is open in Davis – and working like a charm | PeopleForBikes (PDF) Summary TakeAways As you might expect there were comments that denigrated the attempt at a Dutch Junction design. It would seem that […]

 Alex Milan Tracy/Sipa USA via AP

How Many Cycling Countries Use The Idaho Stop Law?

Background Reading Which states or countries have stop-sign-as-yield laws for bicyclists (Idaho stop law)? (OnLine) Summary ID_Vehicle_code_for_Bikes_05 (PDF) Meggs-J-Stops-as-yields (PDF) What makes people stop at red lights? Other people, study finds (BeezodogsPlace) Why Cyclists Break Traffic Laws? (BeezodogsPlace) Chicago Bike Lanes: Loved by Cyclists, Feared […]

Mikkey Barnett, right, and Angela Kreutz, both of Boulder, wait for the traffic light to turn green while riding in the northbound bicycle lane of Folsom Street at the Arapahoe Avenue intersection Tuesday. A "right-sizing" project designed partly to encourage bike commuting is moving ahead, with crews beginning work Monday on Folsom. (Photo: Jeremy Papasso / Boulder Daily Camera Staff Photographer)

How Demanding Are Cyclists?

Imagine how cyclists who are nonchalant about ‘complete stops‘ would react if a vehicle passed them closer than 3-feet and they complained to an officer who replied, ‘I dunno, did he hit you or just come close‘? Would those same cyclists […]

Photo by Kevin Montgomery

The ‘Moral Imperative’ Inherent In The ‘Vision Zero’ Mandate

Background Reading Letter: Distracted drivers are the problem, not cyclists – Highland Park News (PDF) Summary TakeAways There is something very seductive about idea behind ‘stop nowhere‘. It appeals to the wanderlust in us all. Somewhere along the way the cycling […] posted this photo, with an explanation that is was a “bootleg” addition to the stop sign that authorities planned to remove.

[Updated] Evidently Bicycles Are Not Very ‘Efficient’

Background Reading why_bikes_hate_stops (PDF) Summary TakeAways Well the number of ‘reasons‘ why bicyclists should not have to stop is growing. One school of thought (demonstrated by the Wiggle Group) is that cyclists are so very concerned about the unimpeded flow of […]

A man rides his bicycle during a protest against cars, gas emission and agressive driver in Paris, September 2014 Photo: DOMINIQUE FAGET/AFP/GETTY

Paris to allow cyclists to ‘skip’ some red lights

Background Reading Paris to allow cyclists to skip red lights – Telegraph (PDF) Summary The new road rules will be rolled out from the end of July, the mayors office said, adding in a statement that the new rules will […]

Urban Cyclists Have Been Bargaining In ‘Bad Faith’

Background Reading  Losing Your Way Inside A Maze of Arrogance And Disdain (BeezodogsPlace) Summary Urban Cyclists have been doing some really stupid things from Day 1. Like the Marriage Equality Movement they have agitated for the ‘right to be treated like […] posted this photo, with an explanation that is was a “bootleg” addition to the stop sign that authorities planned to remove.

Should bike riders stop for stop signs?

By Ashley Halsey III August 21 at 12:10 PM Source: Washington Post There’s nothing like the mention of a bicycle to draw hundreds of reader comments, and a fairly common one faults cyclists for “blowing through stop signs.” Not long […]

Stop road sign on Anna Maria Island, Florida, United States of America

Why cyclists should be able to roll through stop signs and ride through red lights

Updated by Joseph Stromberg on May 9, 2014, 9:40 a.m. ET Source: Vox If you’ve looked around a city lately, you might’ve noticed that many cyclists don’t obey many traffic laws. They roll through stop signs, instead of coming to a […]

The Urban Cyclist "Shuck and Jive"

Idaho Stop Law: Dangerous Urban Cyclist Blather

Background Reading A Plea for the Idaho Stop (ChainLink) Georgia law allows guns in some schools, bars, churches (CNN) What Georgia’s expansive new pro-gun law does (WashingtonPost) Georgia’s sweeping new gun law allows guns in bars … (LATimes) (UPDATED) “Be right, but not […]