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Chicago and North Western Train Engine

Good Reads : Week of 25 December 2016

Sunday MythBusters Test A Four-way Stop Vs. A Roundabout. (wimp) Trump’s distressing chest-thumping on nuclear weapons (washingtonpost) Single Flash Portraits On A Budget ( What Happened When A White Man “Became” Black In Mid-20th Century America (all-that-is-interesting) Raising Cane (christianitytoday) […]

Iced Coffee on a Cold Day!

Good Reads : Week of 27 November 2016

Sunday Chicago’s Santa Rampage 2009 on Vimeo (vimeo) Einstein on Widening Our Circles of Compassion (brainpickings) C.S. Lewis on Equality and Our Core Misconception About Democracy (brainpickings) What will ‘Trumpsportation’ mean for Chicago? (chicagoreader) Sponsor pulls out of Singlespeed Cross […]