Connie waits to cross the intersection at the Open Streets Loop activity.

Open Streets (Chicago Loop) Toodle 2012

Summary The air this AM was a bit bracing for this time of year. Nevertheless State Street was full of folks who were eager to find out what was happening today. Lots of visitors were puzzled at the goings on […]

Tour Participant (standing) Gets Assistance Fixing Flat

Four Star Bike Tour 2012

Summary PDF Maps for all four routes: fsbt 2012_62mi (PDF) fsbt 2012_35mi (PDF) fsbt 2012_22mi (PDF) fsbt 2012_12mi (PDF) Overall the 35 mile route this year was a bit of a disappointment. The portions of the ride that have been traditionally part of the […]

Chris Reynolds/Flickr

Terrify Your Fellow Bikers With This Glowing Anglerfish-Cycle

JOHN METCALFE JUL 31, 2012 Source: Atlantic Cities Photos There’s a revolution coming in bicycling fashion, and style-conscious riders better be wise: You are nobody on the trail unless you’re peeping out from the flaming maw of the world’s most terrifying marine […]

Kathy Schubert Addresses Riders

Urban Farms Tour 2012

Summary urban-farms-tour-2012 (PDF) Chicago Cycling Club Ride Report Kathy Schubert of the Chicago Cycling Club put together an interesting ride this past month. She is highlighting sustainable agricultural sites in the city. These places grow their produce and in some instances […]