e-Assist Commuter Bikes

“I don’t think the e-bike is for old people” is this girl’s sensible response to the rather leading question from the reporter of RTL-news.

Help Is On The Way For America’s Male Bicycle Commuters

Background Reading E-bikes embraced by ever more people | BICYCLE DUTCH (PDF) Summary TakeAways e-bike-for-students from BicycleDutch on Vimeo. You’ve seen them everywhere blathering about the benefits of cycling. These overweight middle-aged men suffer from mustaches that sag even more than […]

“This is the future. It will change everything!” said Koichiro Nakamura as he pointed to a bright green women’s bike in front of his office. We had met to discuss cycling and the media in Japan… and this bike wasn’t what I expected.

E-Bikes are Game-Changers

Background Reading E-Bikes are Game-Changers | Off The Beaten Path (PDF) Summary TakeAways “This is the future. It will change everything!” said Koichiro Nakamura as he pointed to a bright green women’s bike in front of his office. We had met to […]

Bicyclists young and old, big and small wheel through Niles last September during the "Bike Niles" community outreach event.

The Firefly

Giving Lipservice To The Idea Of ‘Sharing The Road’ One of the things that we cyclists are going to have to learn to do better is ‘share the road‘. And I am not speaking just of our on-again off-again love-hate […]

Interbike plans extensive indoor test track for e-bikes, fat bikes and more at this year’s show

Background Reading SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. (BRAIN) — Interbike is partnering with Extra Energy Services North America to create a purpose-built indoor test track at this fall’s show. Shimano is the presenting sponsor of the track, which is being designed […]

Coming to Portland

Understanding Electric-Assist Bicycles

Background Reading Velocar : Origins of the ‘Organic Transit ELF’ (BeezodogsPlace) Report and photos from test ride of Organic Transit’s ELF trike (BeezodogsPlace) Organic Transit plans Portland test drive event for solar/pedal-powered trike (BeezodogsPlace) The E-bike Sceptic (BeezodogsPlace) Urban Cyclists Must Learn To Think […]

Organic Transit Elf Model

Urban Cycling Has Its ‘RFRA’ Moment

Background Reading Safest Year for Pedestrians in NYC? Not So Fast! (BeezodogsPlace) Why Cyclists Break Traffic Laws? (BeezodogsPlace) Is ‘Safe’ Road Design Killing Bicyclists and Pedestrians (BeezodogsPlace) More bicyclists, many helmetless and drunk, dying (BeezodogsPlace) Crash victim calls for separating cyclists and pedestrians on […]

Joel Bowman, 66, rides his e-bike six miles daily to his job at Emory University in Atlanta. Courtesy of Joel Bowman

Electric Bikes, On A Roll In Europe, Start To Climb In U.S.

November 21, 2014 5:01 PM ET SUSANNA CAPELOUTO Source: NPR For Joel Bowman, decades of bike commuting started feeling like hard work. So the 66-year-old Atlanta resident recently switched to an electric bicycle and now when he rides Bowman feels […]

Eric Mold, 85, gained newfound mobility thanks to using an electric bike. Photo Dan Toulgoet

Urban Senior: 85-year-old discovers freedom with an eBike

Eric Mold October 21, 2014 11:18 AM Source: Vancouver Courier Three time’s the charm for senior who’s done his homework when it comes to electric bikes Considering Vancouver and Victoria are the only major urban centres in Canada that enjoy […]

Iris Marossek of Deutsche Post, the German mail service, delivers mail to 1,500 people a day with the assistance of an e-bike. Credit Gordon Welters for The New York Times

E-Bike Sales Are Surging in Europe

By DANNY HAKIMAUG. 18, 2014 Source: NYTimes BERLIN — With a faint electric whir, Iris Marossek pedals her bicycle through concrete apartment blocks in the heart of old East Berlin, delivering mail to 1,500 people a day. Painted yellow and […]

Kalkhoff Pro-Connect C8.

Go Electric: Bike Commuting Made Easy

Uploaded on Nov 28, 2006 Peak Moment 40: Catch Sally Lovell’s enthusiasm for her electric-assist bicycle. Her comprehensive primer covers bicycle types, battery recharging, practices and products for security, inclement weather, and road safety. Gotta love that trailer for hauling […]