Dutch Velomobiles

Could these revolutionize transit? (Photo: Roll Over America/Maarten Heckman)

The Protected Bike Lane Will Never Be The Same Again…

Published on May 31, 2015 Velomobile Street Race 2015. Fun and welcoming to ride in the streets of Ørestaden without traffic. I had this time a little trouble with the thigh muscles, maybe I’m not fit for sprint and short […]

STAFF PHOTO / DAN WAGNER Reaching speeds of nearly 40 mph, Ray Mickevicius keeps pace with the traffic on the Ringling Bridge in his human-powered bullet bike.

The Future of Cycling Is Lower to the Ground

Background Reading ‘Bullet bike’ keeps pace with city traffic | HeraldTribune.com (PDF) Summary SARASOTA – All you can see of 69-year-old Ray Mickevicius as he rips down the westbound slope of the Ringling Causeway bridge is a helmeted head protruding from a […]