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As Mount Prospect moves to install another flashing yellow beacon at a controversial crosswalk near Melas Park -- and the Illinois Department of Transportation looks into reducing the speed limit and possibly allowing a red light there -- one village trustee is calling for the crosswalk's removal.

Bicycle Infrastructure Is A Very Long Way From Being ‘Safe’

Background Reading Mount Prospect trustee: Remove controversial Central Road crosswalk (fxtribune) Mount Prospect crosswalk death prompts update in state driver’s manual (chicagotribune) Judge issues $150 fine to driver who fatally struck Mount Prospect mother in crosswalk (chicagotribune) Mount Prospect cyclist’s death […]

Fahrenheit Ridley said many people prefer to take the CTA rather than ride Divvy bikes from 63rd and Halsted. DNAinfo/Andrea V. Watson

What About Divvy Usage Don’t You Get?

Background Reading Divvy Ridership Is Really, Really Low In Englewood – Englewood – DNAinfo.com Chicago (PDF) Summary TakeAways The only people who will be surprised that Divvy ridership is extremely low in areas like Englewood are well-meaning white journalists who think […]

According to officials, an agreement with a Chicago real estate developer marks the first private purchase of a Divvy station since the bike-sharing program was launched in mid-2013. (Anthony Souffle / Chicago Tribune)

This Is How Divvy Gains Traction

Background Reading South Loop developer buys Divvy station for its residents – Chicago Tribune (PDF) Summary TakeAways BikeShare systems like Divvy are the ‘canary in the mine shaft‘ for Urban Cycling Movement. If you cannot get ‘last mile‘ riders exiting or […]

Chanda Blackamore, 19, of Bronzeville, pulls Divvy bikes from an overcrowded station near 1586 N. Damen Ave. (Lenny Gilmore/Redeye / August 26, 2014)

The Answer To ‘Urban Cycling’s Ills’ Is BikeShare

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Divvy User Riding On Michigan Avenue Sidewalk

Why Is It OK To Ride In The Pedestrian Lane But Not Drive In The Bicycle Lane?

Background Reading Are Lawbreaking Divvy Riders Really Causing Major Safety Issues? | Streetsblog Chicago (PDF) NYC Bike-on-Sidewalk Tickets Most Common in Black and Latino Communities | Streetsblog USA (PDF) Summary TakeAways I think the very best thing about reading discussions by cycling […]

Divvy bikes lined up at a station at Daley Plaza. DNAinfo/Ted Cox

If This Were An Automobile, People Would Copy The Design

Background Reading Are Divvy Riders Safer Than Other Cyclists? Data Says Yes – The Loop – DNAinfo.com Chicago (PDF) Summary TakeAways So if you were the Urban Cycling Movement and you had found the Holy Grail to ‘Bicycle Safety‘ what would […]

Divvy bikes sit covered in snow near Franklin and Lake on Monday. | Al Podgorski/Sun-Times Media

Divvy Usage In Blizzards Is Immaterial

Background Reading Divvy biking in the blizzard – breaking down the data (PDF) Summary The writer meant to make this sound heroic, but it is not: “Insane” is the adjective most people use to describe people who ride bicycles during blizzard […]

Derrick Astride the Red Divvy Unicorn Bike

Bike Lanes : Understanding Need

Background Reading After Years Without a Grocery Store, Greensboro Neighbors Are Building One Themselves (PDF) Advocates Request a Fair Share of Bike Resources for … (Chicago Sun-Times) Summary I listened to the radio the other morning as a young lady was being […]

Orcutt says bike-share systems need to take advantage of a strong network of on-street bike infrastructure to be truly successful. Graphic: NYC DOT

Why Aren’t American Bike-Share Systems Living Up to Their Potential?

by Angie Schmitt Monday, November 24, 2014 Source: StreetsBlog As policy director at the New York City Department of Transportation from 2007 to June, 2014, Jon Orcutt shepherded the nation’s largest bike-share system through the earliest stages of planning, a wide-ranging […]

Sharing Space With Pedestrians

Divvy Riders Are Exposing Infrastructure Flaws

Background Reading Motorists Respond to Stranded Divvy Rider With Concern, Not Abuse (StreetsBlog) More Mental Kass-turbation About the Lake Shore Drive Divvy Rider (StreetsBlog) Troubling Lack of Compassion for Endangered Divvy Rider on Lake Shore Drive (StreetsBlog) John Kass Returns to Bike […]

Phil LeDonne, a bicycle technician supervisor, affixes new decals Wednesday to Divvy bikes bearing the name and logos of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois after the the city awarded the insurance company a $12.5 million sponsorship to be announced Thursday. (Anthony Souffle, Tribune photo)

Being The Change We Want To See; Eating Our Own Dog Food

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Chicago’s streets feel less mean when you’re on a Divvy bike

Posted on October 17, 2014 by Tom Fucoloro Source: Seattle Bike Blog I have been out of town since Seattle’s bike share system launched, so to deal with my intense Pronto jealousy I had to check out some Divvy bikes while in […]