Cyclists Killing Pedestrians

Bicycle Rider pedaling on a Country Highway stanley45 via Getty Images

What Cyclists Don’t Understand About Motorists

Background Reading City Summary Crash Report – 1/1/2015 to 12/31/2015 (chicagotonight) If you really want to get a “good whiff” of the nature of the problem that exists between bicyclists motorists and motorists all you have to do is read a […]

Jason Marshall, the cyclist who struck and killed Jill Tarlov in Central Park, was an avid Strava userPhoto: David McGlynn/Splash News/Corbis

Trump Isn’t The Only One Whose Silence Is Disquieting

Background Reading Editorial: Trump’s silence on deadly Olathe shooting is disquieting Anatomy Of A Bicycle Accident: Who’s At Fault? Summary I came across one of the many Facebook articles on cycling that cross my desk daily that left me wondering whether […]

Ironically the last cyclist to die in Central Park last summer was killed by an African-American cyclist. Whose idea was it to offer this meme as a method of shaming motorists?

Never Miss An Opportunity To Scold Motorists

Background Reading Off yer bikes! Cyclists are a menace to society — and self-righteous to boot (spectator) Pokemon Go is a boon for biking (bikeportland) Summary Off yer bikes! Cyclists are a menace to society — and self-righteous to boot […]

This applies even to the Urban Cycling Movement.

A Slippery Slope…

Background Reading City Studying Changes to West St. Intersection, Site of Cyclist Fatality (tribecatrib) What’s Causing Chicago’s Latest Wave of Cycling Deaths and Serious Crashes? (streetsblog) Summary On July 3, around 9:45 AM, a 21-year-old man was biking north on […]

Carole Barkley (before the collision). (Photo: David Loftus)

Bicycles Are Treated Like Beers

Background Reading WATCH: Do Bicyclists In Chicago Deserve A Bad Rap … (OnLine) TriMet releases video, statement on Tilikum collision – (PDF) Woman walking near Tilikum Bridge suffers serious injuries in collision with bicycle rider – (PDF) Summary TakeAways So when […]

SFD units have left the scene. Police tape still up across the road, however. SPD has 4500 blk of the Ave blocked.

Man biking hits person in crosswalk on the Ave, both seriously injured

Background Reading Man biking hits person in crosswalk on the Ave, both seriously injured | Seattle Bike Blog (PDF) Summary This report from Seattle: A man in his 20s biking on the Ave collided with a man in his 40s walking […]

Supervisor John Avalos, left, wants SFPD to make ticketing cyclists who safely roll through stop signs the lowest law enforcement priority. (San Francisco Bicycle Coalition )

Rewarding ‘Bad Behavior’ In San Francisco with Laxer Laws

Background Reading S.F. Proposal Would Make Citing Cyclists Who Roll Through Stop Signs a Low Priority | News Fix | KQED News (PDF) Why We Support a Bike Yield Law for San Francisco – San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (PDF) Summary TakeAways Isn’t […]

You are just pedalling, you plastic-hatted ninnies, not saving the bloody planet

Police: Cyclist crashes into, then stabs, pedestrian

Seattle police arrested a man for assault early Sunday after he crashed his bike into, and then stabbed, a pedestrian. Check out this story on

A woman rode a Citi Bike near Madison Square Park on Monday. Women take about a quarter of all Citi Bike trips and make up just under a third of its members. Credit Christopher Lee for The New York Times

Should Cars and Cyclists Share Equal Liabilities?

Background Reading Injuring A Pedestrian With A Bicycle Is Assault With A Deadly Weapon, But Killing A Cyclist With A Car Is Not | IsolateCyclist (PDF) Summary TakeAways This is a curious problem. Cyclists want more severe charges brought against motorists […]

Photo (of a safe interaction) by M.V. Jantzen on Flickr.

Those ‘Nasty Little Corollaries’

TakeAways We cyclists have a very nasty habit of trying to paint motorists into corners every chance we get. But frankly anything that is wrong with motorists is probably wrong with cyclists. The most common trait that these two groups […]

On May 18, Charles Uth climbed onto his bicycle and headed toward his job at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He never made it. He landed in a hospital bed instead. Now he's trying to piece together the story of how he got there. DNAinfo/Ed Komenda

Another Mystery Involving Bicycling To Be Solved

Background Reading Bicyclist Trying To Solve Mystery Of Crash After Waking Up In The Hospital – Bridgeport – Chicago (PDF) Summary TakeAways There is no doubt that waking up in a hospital following what appears to have been a bicycle […]

The City Safety system in the all-new Volvo XC90 features Cyclist detection with full auto brake, day and night.

Prospects for Attaining ‘Vision Zero’ Look Good For Motorists… But Not For Bicyclists…

Background Reading Blog Post | Will Auto Manufacturers Help Save Cyclists? | Car Talk (PDF) Summary Cars and bikes don’t always mix well. Deaths from bicyclists and cars colliding are up nationally, from 680 in 2011 to 726 in 2012, the most […]

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Pedestrian-Hostile Crosswalk Design?

Background Reading U.S. City Thinks Having Pedestrians Carry Flags Will Keep Them Safe | WIRED (PDF) Summary PEDESTRIANS IN ONE Connecticut city might get around a bit more safely, if they don’t mind crossing the street carrying a bright yellow flag. The […]

NYC Pedestrians © Eric Konon

Decline in Civility? Surely You Jest?

Background Reading Safe bicycling in Chicago? Not any time soon. – Chicago Tribune (PDF) Summary TakeAways Pay special attention to the cyclist who ran over the pedestrian. What do you think he does first? Check on his victim, or… Check on […]