Cycling Scofflaws

Cyclists must yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.

It’s Like Watching Donald Trump In Action…

Background Reading Cyclist Arrested After Spitting On Driver in Wicker Park, Police Say (dnainfo) Summary WICKER PARK — A 59-year-old cyclist allegedly spit on a driver who he claimed had cut him off, while the driver and her passenger also were arrested […]

According to officials, an agreement with a Chicago real estate developer marks the first private purchase of a Divvy station since the bike-sharing program was launched in mid-2013. (Anthony Souffle / Chicago Tribune)

Looking Inward…

Background Reading Comment of the Week: Bike trail advocates should take a lesson from dog parks [feedly] A new study looks at why bike share is so much safer than regular biking (Vox) Summary Here’s a remarkable fact: Not a single […]

A truck and a couple of cars illegally parked in the buffered bike lane at Clybourn Avenue and Halsted Street.

Share and Share Alike…

Background Reading Trucks Park in Clybourn Bike Lanes Even During Official Unveiling – Old Town – Chicago (PDF) Summary TakeAways We cyclists make mistakes and park where we should not all the time. So it is clear that while this […]

Cyclists waiting for green light at Milwaukee, Ogden avenues. DNAinfo/Alisa Hauser

No Wonder Gun Violence Is So High In Chicago!

Background Reading Cyclists, Drivers Sound Off About Their Pet Peeves Sharing Chicago’s Roads – West Loop – Chicago (PDF) Summary TakeAways It Takes More Than A Uniform… (BeezodogsPlace) As both a bicyclist and a car driver I get a chance to […]

Jason Rantz says Seattle Police Officer Glen Mulkey has been handing out a ton of bike tickets to people breaking the law. And he should be celebrated for saving lives.(AP file photo)

Somebody Check To See If The Apocalypse Has Begun

Background Reading Seattle cyclists complain they get ticketed when they break the law – Jason Rantz | (PDF) Cyclist gets ticket after colliding with car in St. George | (PDF) Cyclist Bangs On Police Officer’s SUV in Bike […]

Do you stop for all red lights?

Obeying Traffic Controls: The ‘New Relativism’

Background Reading Should You Stop for a Red Light or Stop Sign? | Bicycling (PDF) Summary TakeAways That license plate reads ‘Same Rights, Same Rules‘. Evidently that sentiment is passé. It has been replaced by one which essentially says that when […]

Bicyclists negotiate The Wiggle on Haight Street in San Francisco on Tuesday July 28, 2015. (Special to S.F. Examiner/Natasha Dangond)

The ‘Sense of Entitlement’ Beat Goes On!

Background Reading Junction Design the Dutch ‘Cycle Friendly’ Way (BeezodogsPlace) Even A Protected Intersection Requires ‘Complete Stops’ (BeezodogsPlace) Dissembling To Get The Idaho Stop Law (BeezodogsPlace) It Should Not Have To Be Like This… (BeezodogsPlace) Summary TakeAways A few days ago the SF Wiggle […]

Part of cycling's huge boost in popularity was caused by the events of the summer, when Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France and the Olympic time trial Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Why do so many cyclists think they’re above the law?

Background Reading Arrogant, abusive and oh-so smug – why do so many cyclists think they’re above the law? | Daily Mail Online (PDF) Summary TakeAways The problem of alienation between cyclists and the rest of the world has grown. There was […]

Civil Obedience Protest

Lobbying To ‘Move The Goal Posts’ After The Game Has Begun

Background Reading Summary why_bikes_hate_stops (PDF) idaho-presentation (PDF) a01355752c9e869a63cc5651084cfa30Cars+and+energy (PDF) TakeAways Every vehicle on the roadway is wasting energy when it comes to a complete stop and then has to start up to regain its cruising speed. In fact there are folks who actually […]