Cycling In Winter

Divvy bikes sit covered in snow near Franklin and Lake on Monday. | Al Podgorski/Sun-Times Media

Divvy Usage In Blizzards Is Immaterial

Background Reading Divvy biking in the blizzard – breaking down the data (PDF) Summary The writer meant to make this sound heroic, but it is not: “Insane” is the adjective most people use to describe people who ride bicycles during blizzard […]

David Simmons of Elk Grove Village rides his bicycle to work in Rolling Meadows, even in winter. Joe Lewnard | Staff Photographer

Winter Cycling in the Suburbs

Background Reading Pyke: Snow-covered paths leave cyclists, walkers on thin ice (PDF) Summary Riding year round in the suburbs is a lot like riding in the city. With the exception of course that where trails are involved snow plows are not […]

Andrew Isaacs, a reader in Winnipeg, Manitoba, has some advice for riding in sub-zero temperatures. Photo: Andrew Isaacs

Tech FAQ: Cold tires and brakes

By Lennard Zinn Published Tuesday, 25 November 2014 Dear Lennard, Minnesota is getting blasted by its first storm of the season, which has me wondering: Are narrower or wider studded tires better for riding on icy roads? Wider mountain bike […]

Biker and Snow Plows share the street in Chicago

How Egalitarian Is Cycling?

Background Reading The Joy of Winter Cycling/Winter book Posted by Tom A.K. on November 19, 2014 at 10:08pm by Darren Alff by Darren Alff The Joy of Winter Cycling/Winter book and winter clothing from Winter Bike Touring Clothes Cycling […]

Visibility is a two-way street — make sure you can see, and that you can be seen

Preparing yourself and your bike for winter cycling

November 11, 2014 Source: Cycling Weekly Stay safe, warm and happy — but whatever you do, don’t stop riding! Published in association with Halfords. Never be fooled into thinking cycling is only for the summer. Snow and rain may not […]