Citi BikeShare in NYC

As Mount Prospect moves to install another flashing yellow beacon at a controversial crosswalk near Melas Park -- and the Illinois Department of Transportation looks into reducing the speed limit and possibly allowing a red light there -- one village trustee is calling for the crosswalk's removal.

Bicycle Infrastructure Is A Very Long Way From Being ‘Safe’

Background Reading Mount Prospect trustee: Remove controversial Central Road crosswalk (fxtribune) Mount Prospect crosswalk death prompts update in state driver’s manual (chicagotribune) Judge issues $150 fine to driver who fatally struck Mount Prospect mother in crosswalk (chicagotribune) Mount Prospect cyclist’s death […]

People cycling in the lower level – the ‘Bear pit’ – of the Arnhem Airborneplein.

The ‘Canary In The Mine Shaft’ Is Starting To Cough

Background Reading Higher Prices + Tough Winter = Fewer Members for Citi Bike – WNYC (PDF) Summary TakeAways CitiBike is probably less likely to succumb to a ‘bad winter‘ than it is to the fact that the Urban Cycling Movement’s narrative […]

A woman rode a Citi Bike near Madison Square Park on Monday. Women take about a quarter of all Citi Bike trips and make up just under a third of its members. Credit Christopher Lee for The New York Times

Recruiting More Female Cyclists

Background Reading A Mission for Citi Bike: Recruiting More Female Cyclists – The New York Times (PDF) Summary TakeAways Citi Bike is unlikely to find the means to untie the Gordian Knot of sexism in Urban Cycling. Hipster Culture in […]

The Divvy Trio of Daley Plaza

Smoke and Mirrors To Keep The Canary Seemingly Alive

Background Reading Bike Share’s Rough Ride – The New York Times (PDF) Bike-Sharing Firm Bixi Files for Bankruptcy | (PDF) Despite the Day Pass Hike, Divvy Is Already Making Money, Not Losing It | Streetsblog Chicago (PDF) Divvy to hike daily bike […]

A woman checks a bike out from a Citi Bikes station in lower Manhattan. (Natalie Fertig/WNYC)

That Citi Bike Was Poorly Run Is Not A Surprise!

Background Reading Citi Bike 2.0 – WNYC (PDF) Summary The new owners are trying to remake Citi Bike. “Things were broken when we came in,” said Jay Walder, the CEO of Motivate, which took over the bike share program last year. “The system […]

Photo via Flickr/Daniel X. O'Neil

Will BikeShare Riders Get ‘Tossed Under The Bus’?

Background Reading Have you had any interactions with unsafe Divvy riders? Posted by John Greenfield on September 23, 2014 at 10:50am At a recent Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Council meeting, someone said they felt Divvy riders are less likely to be […]

Tourists riding bikes on busy streets: not a recipe for carnage after all. Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Not One Person Has Died on an NYC Bike-Share Bike

By Will Oremus MAY 30 2014 5:57 PM Source: Slate One year ago, New York City launched a bike-share program, and pundits predicted a safety nightmare. “The most important danger in the city is not the yellow cabs, it is […]

Citibikes parked in front of The Apple Store in midtown Manhattan. (Natalie Fertig/WNYC)

Public Advocate: Use City $ to Save Citibike

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 – 04:09 PM By JIM O’GRADY Source: TransportationNation Public Advocate Leticia James told reporters at a roundtable conversation on Wednesday that Mayor Bill de Blasio should consider using public funds to keep Citi Bike afloat. De […]

A totally random photo of a Citi Bike customer.(Photo: Inhabitat.)

3 lessons for Portland as Citi Bike struggles to break even

Posted by Michael Andersen (News Editor) on March 27th, 2014 at 10:49 am Source: BikePortland A Wall Street Journal report last week that New York City’s wildly popular bike share system has been operating in the red has, understandably, rattled […]

It's been a long, cold winter for Citi Bike. (Kate Hinds/WNYC)

Citi Bike’s Winter of Discontent

Friday, March 21, 2014 – 04:35 PM WNYC By KATE HINDS Source: TransportationNation Financial problems plague the country’s largest bike share system — despite its popularity Thousands of New Yorkers ride Citi Bikes every day. But even though the bike […]