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Chicago ChainLink Forum Is Broken!

Change Is Permanent

Background Reading Reply by Juan 2-8 mi. 10 hours ago Julie, I’ll never forget the time I was reprimanded for posting pictures from the World Naked Bike ride ūüėČ Change is permanent… Happy trails to you. Welcome Yasmeen! Summary As […]

Lipstick On A Pig

ChainLink : Watching the 1950s Unfold Again…

Background Reading ChainLink : Helping The ‚ÄėAged‚Äô To Understand¬†(BeezodogsPlace) ChainLink : Why So Few Female Moderators?¬†(BeezodogsPlace) ChainLink : Look ‚ÄėWhite Smoke‚Äô From The Vatican!¬†(BeezodogsPlace) ChainLink : Spinning The Indefensible‚Ķ¬†(BeezodogsPlace) So do we even have any form of moderation here?¬†(ChainLink) Summary […]

The Red Chili Chicken Sausage from Hot Doug's. ‚ÄĒ Michael Walker, for the Chicago Tribune, March 31, 2004

An Even More Disturbing ‘ChainLink Revelation’

Background Reading Yet Another ‚ÄėHappy‚Äô ChainLink Forum User‚Ķ¬†(BeezodogsPlace) Summary It is difficult to know whether any of the information being sent to me is accurate. But if it is true that our ‘brothers‘ of the ChainLink Forum have been sending […]

Yet Another ‘Happy’ ChainLink Forum User…

Background Reading So do we even have any form of moderation here?¬†(ChainLink) So That Others May Keep Their Hands Clean‚Ķ¬†(BeezodogsPlace) Something In The ChainLink Forum Moderator‚Äôs Response Makes No Sense‚Ķ¬†(BeezodogsPlace) The Carpenter and the Lens Maker¬†(BeezodogsPlace) Summary Yet another email […]

The Science of Booze by Adam Rogers Hardcover, 264 pages

Something In The ChainLink Forum Moderator’s Response Makes No Sense…

Background Reading ChainLink : The ‚ÄėGood Ole Boy‚Äôs Club‚Äô (BeezodogsPlace) Lee Diamond reached into his ‘spin doctor bag‘ to provide an answer to a question posed by notoriousDUG: Reply by Lee Diamond 3 hours ago¬†Personally, I have no interest in […]

Pig Riding Bicycle - Rough Sketch. by © George Coghill Pro Feb 23, 2011

ChainLink : The ‘Good Ole Boy’s Club’

Background Reading Reply by Nikul Shah 5 hours ago Ok, I understand that this is a difficult and thankless job. And I generally agree with your guiding principles. In the interest of transparency, can you please explain why one individual […]

Head Up Ass The 'Church of Urban Cycling Prayer Position'

So do we even have any form of moderation here?

Background Reading So do we even have any form of moderation here? Posted by¬†notoriousDUG¬†on August 28, 2014 at 3:53pm So after the amazing shit show that was Gabe and Michelle crapping all over the message board here I think it […]

Head Up Ass The 'Church of Urban Cycling Prayer Position'

How To Run An Internet ‘Cycling’ Forum

Background Reading To:WebmasterName:MichelleEmail:michelle-milhams-email-address Subject:For the RecordMessage:For the record, I was banned. For daring to argue that it is not ok to use the word “retard.” Shortly after saying the moderation sucks.¬†***Off the record:*** IDK what you’re talking about half the […]

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Yet Another ‘Melt Down’ at the ChainLink Forum

Background Reading Think of this as a Missed Connection.¬†(ChainLink) Chainlink’s Bullies, Trolls – What to do?¬†(ChainLink) Summary This was the week when at least two of the threads on the ChainLink Forum ‘blew up‘. I tried to memorialized the one […]

( HANDOUT / May 31, 2012 ) The heavy-duty bikes in the Divvy program feature a step-through, one-size-fits-all design; upright handlebars with the gear-changer on the grip and wide, adjustable seats for comfort; hand brakes; a chain guard to protect clothing; and a basket with an elastic cord for storing items.

Remember the Love and Joy of the 2012 GOP Presidential Primary Season?

Background Reading Divvy Gear Ratios (ChainLink) Summary Loving someone is giving them the power to break your heart but trusting them not to. ‚ÄĒ¬†Julianne Moore A¬†Moment In Time (Andronymous (a.k.a. Andrew Bedno) mixes it up¬†Hey! Bike Shop Guy (a.k.a. notoriousDUG) […]

AP Photo / David Goldman

Baseball Great Hank Aaron Flooded With Racist Hate Mail After Defending Obama

TOM KLUDT ‚Äď APRIL 15, 2014, 12:54 PM EDT Source: TalkingPointsMemo The Atlanta Braves have been deluged with hate mail after baseball great Hank Aaron’s recent¬†comments about racism in America and President Obama’s critics. According to¬†USA Today,¬†the Braves organization has […]

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CATS Respond…

Background Reading Capitalism vs. Road Chic¬†(BeezodogsPlace) Summary Sometimes it does not pay to attempt to reason with people who have a Messiah Complex. But rather than carry on about the ChainLink Forum Crowd I will let them speak for themselves: […]