Cargo Bikes

A baby seat in a bakfiets is not a rare sight in Portland. (Photos © J. Maus)

Bakfiets Present Danger of ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’ For Infants

Background Reading Carrying your infant by bike: How young is too young? – Summary TakeAways The most important part of this piece is about the actual injury that riding a ‘backbites‘ presents to a child: “It’s not about crashes […]

Dave Hoverman and his wife, Abby Smith, in Berkeley, Calif., with their cargo bike, which can hold all four children.

The Cycling Family SUV

Background Reading Families Ditch Cars for Cargo Bikes – (PDF) Summary When Dave Hoverman, 38, a business strategy consultant in Berkeley, Calif., goes to Costco on the weekends, he ditches his Audi Q7 and instead loads his four children into […]

This cargo bike transporting a cargo bike got a lot of attention on Twitter!

Where Would You Park These Bikes? They Take Up As Much Room As Cars

Background Reading International Cargo Bike Festival 2015 | BICYCLE DUTCH (PDF) Summary Last Sunday, 19 April, I visited the International Cargo Bike Festival in Nijmegen. That was the closing day of the fourth edition of this annual festival. The ICBF in […]

We have vertical bike racks in our building- it was almost IMPOSSIBLE with the Yuba, but I can lift this one and turn the front tire without too much trouble. Here’s big kid in front, little in back- easier on me, but they felt I’d disrupted the natural order of things…

A ‘Real World’ Glimpse of the Haul-A-Day

Background Reading The Haul-a-Day Rides the CTA! | Chicago Bike Mom (PDF) Summary TakeAways The makers (Bike Friday) of the now defunct Sat-R-Day recumbent bicycle are now peddling a nicely appointed cargo bike. A Chicago mom and her two children put […]

When Bike Friday Co-Founder Alan Scholz and Kidical Mass Co-Founder Shane MacRhodes put their heads together to come up with the perfect bike for a Safe Routes to School class leader, the Bike Friday Haul-a-Day was born.

Bike Friday Now Has A Cargo Bike – The Haul-A-Day!

Background Reading Bike Friday – Custom folding and travel bicycles hand-crafted in Oregon (PDF) Summary

The New World Tourist, a folding bike made by Eugene company Bike Friday, fits in its own suitcase and easily makes the transition from airplane to Loire Valley, France. Here it sits in front of the Chateau de Chambord, built by King Francoise I from 1519-1547.

Bike Friday IT Recycling

Published on Dec 15, 2014 The IT department at Bike Friday uses our new Cargo Bike, the Haul-a-Day, to take our recycling to our local center.

The author tries out the Ecopostale bike. It’s good exercise! (Randy Rzewnicki photo)

The Amazing World of Cargo Bikes

Jim Motavalli MAY 4, 2012 Source: Car Talk Archives LEIPZIG, GERMANY—During Colonial times, the Post Road was established between New York and Boston, taking days to deliver the mail via zero-emission horse and rider. The briefly thriving Pony Express continued […]

The old electric range that came with the house, on its way to be donated to the recycled building materials store .

How to Carry Major Appliances on your Bike

June 23, 2014 Source: MrMoneyMoustache Right around the same time I bought this new fixer-upper house, I bought a special piece of equipment to help make the project more efficient. With the new house a five minute walk from the […]

On my way to Clever Cycles I saw this guy on a cargo bike. Seems to be a "Long Haul" made by the Human Powered Machines arm of Eugene's Center for Appropriate Transportation © Jeff Youngstrom

Car-Free Living?

Background Reading Carfree folks: What’s the number one thing you would do if you had use of a car for a weekend? (ChainLink) This rather revealing discussion (supposed not bike-related) took place. Here is how it was introduced: Posted by h’ […]

Steven Vance and Shirley Agudo test a cargo bike at the fair of the International Cargo Bike Festival 2014.

International Cargo Bike Festival

Source: Bicycle Dutch Last weekend the third edition of the International Cargo Bike Festival in Nijmegen in the Netherlands was a very successful event. With a conference on Saturday and a fair on Sunday. Conference For the conference on Saturday 12th April, […]