Bikes vs. Mass Transit

This Sort of Stuff Makes My Heart Sink…

THE WATCHDOGS: CTA execs ride the pension express (OnLine) Shared bike lanes should mean $2 million for Chicago Street project (OnLine) 6 dead, 14 wounded in weekend shootings in Chicago (OnLine) Change Culture, Change Streets: An Anthropological View of Bike Advocacy (OnLine) The Urban […]

A biker attacked the driver of a CTA bus in Lincoln Park Thursday afternoon, according to a witness. Flickr/zolk

Urban Cyclist Shows His Support For Mass Transit Driver

Background Reading Bicyclist Attacks and Bloodies CTA Bus Driver in Lincoln Park, Witness Says – Lincoln Park – Chicago (PDF) Summary TakeAways There’s so much love and good will on the streets of Chicago these days that it literally brings […]

The Queens intersection in which Edgar Torres was struck and killed by a bus. The Queens intersection in which Edgar Torres was struck and killed by a bus. (Jim O'Grady/WNYC)

Wait… Did He Just Say That?

Background Reading The Chicago ‘Whine and Jeez’ Club Cycling Forum just had one respondent say essentially the following during another round of nauseating Drama Queen activity over the proposed relocation of the accursed Kinzie PBL: I am skeptical about the […]

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The Poor Deserve A Better Mass Transit System

Background Reading Here’s what it’s like to ride San Francisco’s $6 private bus | Grist (PDF) Summary Not too long ago, I wrote about a new bus that arrived in San Francisco. It was a fancy bus made by and for the […]

Pat Greenhouse/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Mass Transit : All Is Not ‘Sweetness And Light’

Background Reading Boston MBTA Chief: Take This Transit System and Shove It – The Daily Beast (PDF) Excerpts from Beverly Scott’s 26-minute press conference Feb. 10 – CommonWealth Magazine (PDF) Summary TakeAways To listen to the likes of StreetsBlog tell it, Mass […]

Oregon Senate bill would mandate bicycle licenses and registration

Background Reading Oregon Senate bill would repeal ‘bike bill,’ mandate bicycle licenses and registration (PDF) Summary The article refers to a bill that would have the following consequences: An Oregon legislator has introduced a bill that would mandate licenses for everyone […]

Metropolitan Transit Woes

Background Reading Chicagoans spend 71 hours a year stuck in traffic, agency says (PDF) Delays a problem, but fewer late trains than 2014, Metra says (PDF) FOX 32 News Chicago Summary As much as cyclists would like to point the finger at […]

Mayor Tom Barrett is proposing a streetcar project with a wider range and bigger price tag. The project is seen in this artist's depiction. Image credit: City of Milwaukee

When it comes to streetcars, Barrett says he won’t back down

By Bill Glauber of the Journal Sentinel Updated 4:00 a.m. on 25 November 2014 “We are not talking about a Streetcar Named Desire,” Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said Monday afternoon as he laid out the case for a proposed downtown […]

The CTA said it has increased nightly patrols to give homeless another option instead of 24-hour service on the Red and Blue lines. (January 20, 2014)

Record cold brings reports of feces on CTA

By Tracy Swartz, @tracyswartz 11:26 a.m. CST, January 20, 2014 Source: RedEye Jen Sanders of Andersonville said she boarded the Red Line at the Argyle stop in Uptown on Friday morning and hurried off at the next stop, Lawrence, to […]

Photo: Steven Vance

messing with my bike on the bus

Posted by Julie Hochstadter on May 29, 2013 at 10:43pm Source: ChainLink Forum Anyone else have someone mess with their bike on the bus rack? I hopped on the bus with my bike tonight because I left my lights at home. Big […]

Every additional car on the road means a slower trip for bus passengers. Photo: Mark Harrison/Seattle Times

The Problem With Prescribing “Access to Cars” in the Fight Against Poverty

by Angie Schmitt Friday, April 4, 2014 Source: StreetsBlog It goes without saying that the mass suburbanization of the past 60 years has been very bad news for people who can’t afford cars, and it’s getting worse as poverty levels rise […]