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Not quite designed according to the draft design standards. This cycle track starts and ends on the side-walk right at a pedestrian crossing. (London)

Transitions from one type of infra to the other

Source: BicycleDutch   “Occasionally it will be necessary to provide a transition from on-carriageway cycle lanes to off-carriageway cycle tracks and vice versa. This transition should be clear, smooth, safe and comfortable for cyclists. Minimum speed change and vertical and/or […]

Initially this cycle bridge near Hoofddorp was called Geniedijkbrug, but now it was named “Kick Pruijsbrug”.

Cycle Bridge named after a ‘racing cyclist and rescuer’

Source: Bicycle Dutch “Highly-commended” was the verdict of the British jury for a bridge near Hoofddorp in the 2014 ‘International Footbridge Conference’ in London. It is strange that this bridge was featured as a footbridge, because although people can also walk here, most people will use […]

Cycling in Utrecht during morning rush hour in April 2014.

Traffic fatalities fell significantly in 2013

Source: Bicycle Dutch Yesterday, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment published the latest road traffic fatality figures for the Netherlands. The press release reads as follows. In 2013, 570 people died in road accidents […]


What We Can Learn from a Dutch Bike Traffic Jam

SARAH GOODYEAR @buttermilk1 Oct 17, 2014 Source: The Atlantic Even in the cycling utopia of the Netherlands, bicyclists face infrastructure problems. From afar, the Netherlands may look like a cycling utopia, where everyone rides in harmony along state-of-the-art bicycle infrastructure, […]

The Bicycle Apple parking facility at the railway station of Alphen aan den Rijn.

The “Bicycle Apple”

Source: BicycleDutch Bicycle parking facilities are not always the most attractive buildings, but there is a very interesting exception in the town of Alphen aan den Rijn: the Fietsappel or Bicycle Apple. This bike parking facility has the shape and the colour […]

Members of the Baarn “Velocipede Club” on a tour on the heath near Baarn in 1907. Mr and Mrs Pos were members of this club.

100 years of recreational cycle path building

Source: BicycleDutch On the 4th of March it was exactly 100 years ago that the society for the construction of cycle paths in the Gooi and Eemland region was founded. It is the last private “Cycle Path Society” that still […]

Dutch children cycling on a roundabout. “Ever more children fail the traffic test”.

New Traffic Test App for Dutch Children

3/11/2014 Source: BicycleDutch This year in April about 150,000 Dutch school children will take a traffic test called “Traffic Exam”. It is tradition Dutch school children do this test when they are in their last year of primary school. I […]

A still from Nick Falbo’s video shows the space for a car to wait for people cycling and walking out of the way of straight going motor traffic.

Junction design in the Netherlands

Source: BicycleDutch One of my most viewed videos is an animation I made in 2011, showing that a common Dutch type of junction design with protected cycle tracks would in principle fit in American streets. To deal with many questions I showed […]

This “dual-carriage way cycle path” may become part of a future “high-speed cycle route” in the IJmond region. (F22). With its large central reservation and distance to the foot way it seems to offer us a glimpse of the future of cycling in the Netherlands.

Velsen, nominee for best cycling city

Source: DutchCycling Velsen is one of the five nominees to become best Cycling City of the Netherlands in 2014. Chosen from a long-list of 19 municipalities, these five municipalities compete to take over the title of current best cycling city ʼs-Hertogenbosch, which […]

Fred Young at his presentation in Seattle.

What can Seattle learn from Dutch street design?

Source: BicycleDutch For many of you it is holiday time and you have other things on your mind. But if you have an hour to spare in the coming days I would like to recommend watching the video below. It […]

The new bridge in Nijmegen was car free on Sunday 24 November, reminding people of the Car Free Sundays 40 years earlier.

Car Free Sundays, a 40 year anniversary

Source: BicycleDutch From the 4th November 1973 there were a number of Car Free Sundays in the Netherlands. The Dutch had supported Israel in the Yom Kippur War in October 1973. This was reason for some of the oil producing countries to […]