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How To Avoid The 'Door Zone'


BY ERIC TUVEL ON JULY 23, 2014 Source: San Francisco Bicycle Coalition As we connect the city with more protected bikeways, biking in San Francisco continues to become even more safe and comfortable for people of all ages. Unfortunately, many bike routes in San […]

SF Bicycle Coalition Right Turn Diagram

Once More With Feeling…

Background Reading The Responsible Right Hook Posted by Jeff Schneider on June 21, 2014 at 11:53am I got this today.  Approaching an intersection, I was passed by an SUV.  As he passed, the driver signaled a right turn, and tapped the horn. […]

What happens when we ban lycra. File image. Source: News Limited

Urban Bicycling Workshops in December

Urban Bicycling Workshops in December Next week we are holding two of our Free Urban Bicycling/Traffic Skills Workshops! On Tuesday, December 10, 7:30-8:30PM. Partnering with the Lower Haight Merchant and Neighborhood Association for a 1-hour Urban Bicycling Workshop at the Peacock […]

At our street-side outreach, hundreds signed letter to Mayor for Safe SoMa Streets

Concerns Raised About Police Conduct in Bicyclist Fatality

Source: SF Bicycle Coalition In the last year alone, 12 people have been hit and killed on San Francisco streets — nine people while walking and three while biking. Despite this staggering number of tragedies, there is a clear lack […]

Where Motorists Are Looking

Lane Control Questions Needing To Be Answered…

Background Reading Is “shoaling” cars permissible or rude? (ChainLink) Threatened by Cabbie Last Night (ChainLink) Bike Lanes & Right Turns (BeezodogsPlace) Some Hard Truths About Right Turn Ignorance (BeezodogsPlace) Summary ‘Shoaling‘ is a practice in which cyclists move to the right to […]