Critical Mass

ANTONIO PEREZ, CHICAGO TRIBUNE Graffiti blasting crew laborer George Alvarado clears graffiti from a wall in the 2800 block of north Central Ave.

Alderman: Helen Keller could see graffiti cancer in Chicago

By Hal Dardick and John Byrne, Tribune reporters 3:35 pm, July 24, 2014 Source: Chicago Tribune The small percentage of graffiti vandals who get nabbed by Chicago police would face potentially higher fines under a proposal put forward by Mayor […]

Critical Mass at the intersection of W Burnside and 14th on Friday. (Photos by Hart Noecker/Rebel Metropolis)

Organizers enthused about resurgent Critical Mass

Posted by Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor) on June 30th, 2014 at 2:38 pm Source: BikePortland Portland is poised to enter a new era of bike activism; and it might look a lot like the old one. After laying dormant for over […]

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The Open Streets ‘Happy Walk’: Maybe Turnabout Is Fair Play

Background Reading Source: ChainLink Reply by Tristan Jackson 16 hours ago Look, masshole, that was filmed at night with low traffic. You cant imagine it taking longer with traffic? How about the fact that just deductively it would take 24 […]

I Vacuum Copenhagen

We Desperately Need Chicagoland ‘Vacuum Cleaners’

Background Reading (Updated) The ‘Zelig Complex’ As It Relates To The Urban Cycling Movement (BeezodogsPlce) If There Were No ‘Cycling Community/Movement’ (BeezodogsPlace) Summary If every day was like Bike The Drive we would all become insane. There is such a thing as […]

I Vacuum Copenhagen

If There Were No ‘Cycling Community/Movement’

Background Reading Want to be like Copenhagen? Think about vacuum cleaners and raging bulls (BeezodogsPlace) The Cycling Movement Is About ‘Vacuum Cleaners’ Not Personalities (BeezodogsPlace) The Copenhagen Approach To “Traffic” Could Transform Your City! (BeezodogsPlace) The Role of a Bicycle Club (BeezodogsPlace) Who Are […]

Being Anti-Car As A Cyclist Requires Thinking With That Portion of the Brain Used By Climate-Change Deniers

Background Reading Bicycles don’t kill people; cars do (BeezodogsPlace) Activists Take Brooklyn Speed Limit Into Own Hands, Install 20mph Signs in Park Slope (BeezodogsPlace) On the Urban Cyclists “Whine and Jeez” Club Forum a fight discussion broke out over whether the casual […]

This sharrow positions cyclists into the back of a car. It’s likely that parking in this area will be eliminated, but will then require cyclists to merge in and out of traffic.


Posted by: Michael McKisson July 24, 2013 Source: Tucson Velo New sharrows along Fourth Avenue appear to place cyclists in or dangerously close to the door zone. (Check the video at the end of the post to find out what […]

A reader-submitted photo of the cyclists being issued citations.

Prairie Village police ticket 26 bicyclists for disobeying stop sign

Posted by PVPoster on Friday, August 23, 2013 at 10:00 am. Source: Prairie Village Post A large-scale ticket-writing operation on Oxford Road in Prairie Village last night had many residents of the neighborhood west of the Village Shops turning their […]

Idler setup on Easy Racers Ti-Rush

Labor Day Weekend 2013

Summary All over hometown folks were out riding their bikes. We saw couples, families of six (6) even riding with their parents. It was great! With summer winding down and folks fearing the severity of winter it makes sense to […]

Barbara Pagano Courtesy of Glueckert Funeral Home

The Urban Cycling Community is Full of Cowards

Background Reading Hilkevitch Plays Dumb With an Anti-Divvy “Exposé” (StreetsBlog) Robert “Bobby” Cann killed by driver on Clybourn (ActiveTransportationAlliance) (Cyclist Kills Pedestrian) Lake Arlington trail safety will be looked at, officials say (DailyHerald) Editorial: Walker’s death a clarion call for safety (DailyHerald) Bicycles don’t […]