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There is no war on cars — but there should be. (Credit: poeloq)

Is it time for a real war on cars?

By David Suzuki with contributions from Ian Hanington, Senior Editor April 17, 2014 Source: David Suzuki Foundation Cars directly kill and hurt more people every year than most diseases, resulting in 1.5 million deaths and 78 million injuries needing medical […]

Garbage litters the eastbound protected bike lane on Lake Street at Kedzie Avenue Wednesday, June 4, 2014. (Michael Tercha/Chicago Tribune)

This Has Got To Stop!

Background Reading Are Lawbreaking Divvy Riders Really Causing Major Safety … (StreetsBlog) Sidewalk Riding On Michigan Avenue : Beezodog’s Place (BeezodogsPlace) Have a Little Sympathy for the Sidewalk Cyclists | Chicago … (ChicagoMag) Summary No sooner do we have to deal yet again […]

Wave-style Bike Parking Rack

The Bicycle Parking ‘FusterCluck’

Background Reading Whenever You Hear A ‘Nutjob’ Railing Against ‘Auto Parking’… (BeezodogsPlace) Bike Parking Issues (BeezodogsPlace) Bike Parking Sucks! (BeezodogsPlace) Summary It appears that there is some sort of disconnect between what is a ‘safe‘ locking protocol for parked bicycles and the notion […]

Later in 1939, Eleanor Roosevelt presented Anderson with the Springarn Medal, an annual award given by the NAACP for outstanding achievement by an African-American. University of Pennsylvania

Being Honorable People : A Primer for Cyclists

Let me bring you up to speed: Chicago’s Urban Cycling Community got a another jolt from an opinion piece rider that took cyclists in the Dearborn Protected Bike Lane to task for essentially being jerks. I posted some responses to […]

The 'Old Guard', 'Dumb As A Box Of Rocks'

The ‘Old Guard’, ‘Dumb As A Box Of Rocks’

Background Reading More anti-cyclist crying at the Trib (ChainLink) Summary Once again the ‘Old Guard‘ is busy trying to justify ‘bad behavior‘ on the part of members of the Urban Cycling Movement via the “So’s Your Old Man” defense. But try as […]

Grade School Was So Much Simpler Than Having To Lie About 'Safety' All The Time

When You’ve Killed Three People In As Many Months…

So when the NYTimes and the Chicago Tribune start to call you out for being ‘assholes‘ and even pedestrians prefer being around cars more than they do cyclists, you have to find a way to regain your footing. Enter the […]

Pedestrians on Chicago streets have to keep a watchful eye out for bicyclists. (Antonio Perez, Chicago Tribune 2013)

Could Chicago ban bicycles for a day?

By Ron Grossman, Tribune reporter October 6, 2014 12:16 PM Source: Chicago Tribune I can’t be the only pedestrian hoping for an early snowfall after months of dodging bicycles, Chicago’s version of the running of the bulls at Pamplona. It’s […]

66–year–old Ron Joyce of Lincoln died in the hospital Monday night following his injuries from a head–on bike collision with another cyclist.

More ways to die.

Source: ChainLink Posted by Haddon on October 5, 2014 at 3:44pm Wandering all over that line between legitimate thrill seeking and being semisuicidal – this guy being all over that line. Sure one pothole and the guy is dead but […]

On my way to Clever Cycles I saw this guy on a cargo bike. Seems to be a "Long Haul" made by the Human Powered Machines arm of Eugene's Center for Appropriate Transportation © Jeff Youngstrom

Car-Free Living?

Background Reading Carfree folks: What’s the number one thing you would do if you had use of a car for a weekend? (ChainLink) This rather revealing discussion (supposed not bike-related) took place. Here is how it was introduced: Posted by h’ […]

Here is the Street View of the intersection of Halsted and Jackson (Click to Enlarge)

A Typical ‘Geezer Mistake’

Background Reading Particularly dangerous bike lanes (ChainLink) Reply by h’ 1.0 9 hours ago Jackson eastbound at Halsted. The lane is on the left, same side as the expressway ramps. Stoopid stoopid stoopid. I end up riding in the right lane […]

What's that salmon doing in the bike lane? Leif Parsons for NPR

Drama Queens Find New Ways To Be Angered

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From left to right, Joe Breeze, Wende Cragg, and Fred Wolf riding up Pine Mountain Truck Road from the Azalea Hill parking lot to the top of Repack. Photo via Rolling Dinosaur Archive.

Exiled To His Own Elba?

Background Reading Reply by Michael Perez 1 hour ago This thread sucks. Where’s all the stories? The world was a nicer place before they allowed pantywaists to ruin it for us he-men. Sorry I meant ‘Real Cyclists‘. Reply by curt(is) […]