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City Safety features Pedestrian and Cyclist detection with full auto brake, day and night.

Entering the Batavia Bathroom

Background Reading We stopped in Batavia for a bathroom break when a motorist wandered into the foyer and asked in a distraught fashion what were the rules behind flashing lights on Route 31. Pedestrians had activated the yellow flasher and […]

 Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

An Observation Of “Dooring” Victim Behaviors

Of late there has been interest in a report that showed a “spike” in the number of “door collisions” occurring in 2015 over the previous year. The reasons that this might be happening could be due to some behaviors I […]

Midnight Marauders Covet This Award Pin

Splitting Legal Hairs, Mourning Lost Colleagues and Developing Meaningful Strategies

Background Reading Divvy don’ts: What NOT to do while biking in Chicago (redeyechicago) There Appears to Be a Bicycling Generation Gap in Chicago’s Chinatown (streetsblog) The road to fear-free biking in Boston (bostonglobe) 6 Ways to Claim Your Right to the Road—Without Being […]

Curb height two-way cycle track at an intersection via Steve Vance on flickr

If The Urban Cycling Movement Were A Restaurant…

Background Reading How protected bike lanes improve safety, community (desmoinesregister) Report: As cities add bike lanes, more people bike and biking gets safer (brokensidewalk) Dodge Avenue Bike Lane Called ‘Horrendous’ (evanstonroundtable) Summary Dodge Avenue Bike Lane Called ‘Horrendous’ The protected bike lane on […]

The 'Old Guard', 'Dumb As A Box Of Rocks'

The Boulevard Lakefront Tour Has Died…

Noting A Passage The smug little bastards who write for various so-called Bicycle Advocacy Journalism Outlets are licking their chops. But the messages they send out are a like the one below… Report: As cities add bike lanes, more people […]

Pat Greenhouse/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Mass Transit : All Is Not ‘Sweetness And Light’

Background Reading Boston MBTA Chief: Take This Transit System and Shove It – The Daily Beast (PDF) Excerpts from Beverly Scott’s 26-minute press conference Feb. 10 – CommonWealth Magazine (PDF) Summary TakeAways To listen to the likes of StreetsBlog tell it, Mass […]

Actually, sledding across 79th Street might have been faster (Kris Arnold/flickr)

This Bus is Slower Than a Lava Flow

Thursday, December 11, 2014 – 10:30 AM By Kate Hinds Source: Transportation Nation This year’s Pokey for New York City’s slowest bus line goes to the M79, with an average speed of 3.2 miles per hour. “I’d think twice before […]

Cars parked in the striped buffer zone next to the bikeway give cyclists less room to maneuver.

What Does Hell Look Like?

Background Reading Highway-Funding Bill Clears Congress (BeezodogsPlace) Highway Trust Fund Ticker (BeezodogsPlace) HIGHWAY TRUST FUND Q&A (BeezodogsPlace) Summary The Bicycle Advocacy groups are buzzy carpet-bombing the internet with pleas to have us sign petitions and take surveys. Fine! I will give once again! […]

Raging Against Her ‘Drunk Uncle’

Background Reading Put a hard brake on heartless speed demons (BeezodogsPlace) A Very Strange ‘Lack of Response’ (BeezodogsPlace) A Death in Central Park Raises Real Questions About Bicyclist Behavior (BeezodogsPlace) Ban Cars? Debate Intensifies Over Traffic Safety In Central Park (BeezodogsPlace) The ‘Montanaro Principles’ : […]

A Very Strange ‘Lack of Response’

Background Reading A Death in Central Park Raises Real Questions About Bicyclist Behavior (CityLab) Tribune editorial stirs up anti-bike sentiment again (ActiveTrans) Summary Ron Burke gave an eloquent and impassioned response to an essay on the behavior of bicyclists as seen […]

Children in Crosswalk

Active Trans survey shows only 18 percent of drivers stop for pedestrians in painted crosswalks

Submitted by Rburke on Mon, 09/08/2014 – 2:34pm Source: ActiveTrans Chicagoland has much work to do when it comes to compliance with the Must Stop for Pedestrians law, which requires people driving to stop whenever a pedestrian has entered a […]

ChainLinker Thinks Bicyclists On Sidewalk Is Funny!

ChainLink : Why Not Bikes On Sidewalks?

Background Reading Nancy Gruskin, Pedestrian and Cycling Safety Advocate (BeezodogsPlace) Study: Bikes Hit More Pedestrians Than Previously Thought (BeezodogsPlace) Aggressive cyclists must be stopped, not educated (BeezodogsPlace) Pedestrians Fear Cyclists for the Same Reasons Cyclists Fear Motorists (BeezodogsPlace) Motorists and cyclists create army of […]

Let's Roll Together

Let’s roll together

Source: Active Transportation Alliance Share social media ads Take the Roll Together Pledge Tips for motorists and cyclists As the number of Chicagoland bike commuters continues to climb, it’s more important than ever that people biking and driving share the roads safely. That’s […]