Jason Marshall, the cyclist who struck and killed Jill Tarlov in Central Park, was an avid Strava userPhoto: David McGlynn/Splash News/Corbis

Trump Isn’t The Only One Whose Silence Is Disquieting

Background Reading Editorial: Trump’s silence on deadly Olathe shooting is disquieting Anatomy Of A Bicycle Accident: Who’s At Fault? Summary I came across one of the many Facebook articles on cycling that cross my desk daily that left me wondering whether […]

As Mount Prospect moves to install another flashing yellow beacon at a controversial crosswalk near Melas Park -- and the Illinois Department of Transportation looks into reducing the speed limit and possibly allowing a red light there -- one village trustee is calling for the crosswalk's removal.

Bicycle Infrastructure Is A Very Long Way From Being ‘Safe’

Background Reading Mount Prospect trustee: Remove controversial Central Road crosswalk (fxtribune) Mount Prospect crosswalk death prompts update in state driver’s manual (chicagotribune) Judge issues $150 fine to driver who fatally struck Mount Prospect mother in crosswalk (chicagotribune) Mount Prospect cyclist’s death […]

It’s Not About “Placing The Onus” Or “Who Is Legally At Fault”

Background Reading Street for Cyclists May Be Solution as NYC Faces Subway Shutdown (bloomberg) Why Do We Put the Onus for Traffic Safety on Kids? (streetsblog) Chicago Bicyclist Killed in Right-Hook Crash on Damen at Addison (illinoisbicyclelaw) Electric Cars: Where Will the Energy […]

James Liu, a cyclist who was handcuffed and arrested for disorderly conduct after he hit an SUV swerving into the bike lane with his hand, was found guilty of the charge in a hearing Thursday. The SUV's driver was an off-duty cop. DNAinfo/Stephanie Lulay

In Search of a Consistent Message…

Background Reading There Have Been Three Serious Bike Crashes and Four Deaths in Last 12 Days (StreetsBlog) Cyclist Loses Foot After Being Hit by Turning Truck Driver at Roosevelt/Wood (ABC) Reported “Dooring” Bike Crashes Dropped Significantly from 2011 to 2014 (StreetsBlog) Sliding-Scale Fines Could Make Chicago […]

Night Sky As Seen From Seven Gables Park

They Teach Sex Education for the Same Reasons…

There was an exchange today that was very telling. Usually on bicycle-related forums you have the predictable responses from attendees: Someone writes to notify the rest of the group that another death has occurred. Then the ‘crocodile tear squad‘ arrives […]

The aftermath of today’s injury crash at Roosevelt and Wood. Photo: Drew DeMott

The Pointed Finger

Background Reading Keith Lamont Scott Shooting Shows Black Cops Can Be Biased Too (thedailybeast) Bill Maher on Tulsa Cop Who Shot Terence Crutcher: ‘She Is Also a Victim’ (thedailybeast) How a White Trash Girl Stumbled on Grace (thedailybeast) This Was an Awful Week […]

Effective Cycling by John Forester - (c) John Forester

Snake Oil Is Still Being Sold To Members of the ‘Urban Cycling Movement’

Background Reading EXCLUSIVE: More NYC cyclists killed by cars in 2016 than previous year; victims’ families angry at city over slow response to improve safety (nydailynews) Summary Giovanni Nin was pedaling down E. Tremont Ave. in the Bronx to see […]

My apologies to lapdogs everywhere, you deserve better.

Why Is Chicago Cycling Journalism So Timid and Lame?

Background Reading Police seek bias crime suspect who was riding a bicycle (bikeportland) 71-Year-Old Chicago Man Shot While Watering the Lawn (time) Summary I wrote last week about how very shameful it is that the local bicycle journalists from Streetsblog […]

 Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

Urban Bicycle Advocacy ‘Sucks’

Background Reading Video: Cyclists Injured. Cop Lets Driver Go. Driver Celebrates. (bikelaw) It Takes More Than A Uniform… (Beezodog) Summary TakeAways What is really problematic here is the obvious lack of understanding with which Urban Cyclist Movement members engage with traffic […]