Connie’s Nikkor 10-24mm AF-P Lens Test Images

Background Reading

This is a newly released lens that is about the size of the standard kit lens for the Nikon DX Line (i.e. 18-55mm AF-P). That is to say it it “small“. It is rather inexpensive compared to most of the recent lens released by Nikon for use on the DX Line of cameras.

But the lens is quite sharp in terms of its resolution, and weighs about the same as the 18-55mm kit lens mentioned above. This makes it ideal as a walk around lens for touring when you happen to be entering old churches or public buildings with ornate interiors.

You can capture all of this beauty without too much effort. On hikes along Morton Arboretum Trails you should find this lens a joy to use due to its lightweight and very small size!

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