Urban Bicycle Advocacy ‘Sucks’

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What is really problematic here is the obvious lack of understanding with which Urban Cyclist Movement members engage with traffic on Chicago City Streets. Like the young lady who squeezed past my parked vehicle to go around a bus waiting for a red light (which she runs) it is clear that this cyclist is ‘functionality stupid‘.

 Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

How many more episodes of ‘Door Zone Collision‘ do we need be confronted with before we learn that cyclists are going to have to take their health and safety into their own hands. When will we begin to understand that there is a conflict of interest when an attorney gets involved ‘before‘ the accidents actually occur? Yet they appear out of nowhere with ‘evidence‘ that you did something painfully stupid (i.e. riding in the Door Zone). Then they do what they were trained in law school to do, namely cite chapter and verse of the legalese that states that the driver should not open a door into traffic.

Now the sad reality is that this law will not get updated or modified until such time as a political official (or perhaps a lawyer) manages to make the mistake of opening a door that is met with the crush of a cyclist who (despite having legal access to all lanes) wants to ride close enough to cars to ensure that he is likely to sustain injury in the event of an opening door.

The corollary to the 3-Feet Rule for Cyclists

The corollary to the 3-Feet Rule for Cyclists

I have actually had bicyclists ride ‘no-handed‘ past me while texting or otherwise viewing their smartphones. Yikes!

Someone In Bicycle Advocacy Is Possibly Guilty of Negligence

It is quite true that no building or construction firm should allow concrete to fall onto your head from a location above ground level, ending your life. It is also true that as a pedestrian I have to be alert enough to understand that if it is obvious that construction is going on above me, I need to either choose an alternative route to my favorite sandwich shop or perhaps cross the street to avoid falling concrete. What is not acceptable is the general practice by bicyclists or riding in the ‘Door Zone‘ and then complaining when the inevitable happens.

The fact that so many cyclists behave like the cyclist pictured in this video is appalling. Somebody is doing more event planning to raise funds for their ongoing financial income than they are making certain that Chicago’s Cyclists know about the need to avoid the ‘Door Zone‘. I am guessing that more cyclists in our city know about the 3 extra free beers being awarded for the Kickstand Classic in Bartlett (if you are a registrant) than know about the ‘Door Zone‘. And even fewer know about the dangers of the Right Hook or the part it plays in construction zones.

But hey, the only real necessity for Urban Cycling Movement members is the name and number of a good lawyer to call to ensure that big pay day!

Here’s A Tip On Car Door Mirrors

You have probably seen that message on trucks that goes something like this:

If you cannot see me, I cannot see you…

Now for most of the legal types in the Urban Cycling Movement this sort of thing is problematic. If everyone sees and knows about the issues that drivers who are ‘actually looking‘ have in seeing you where would lawyers ever make a buck since all the accidents would be ended? Keeping you ‘functionally stupid‘ is how advocacy groups and lawyers keep the money rolling in.

Door Zone (graphic)

Door Zone (graphic)

Car door members on the drivers side are aimed at the middle of the lane to their left. When you ride alongside a car close enough to hit the mirror you are in the driver’s blind spot. Do not be foolish. You have won the right to use all lanes. Dammit, move over and avoid the Door Zone. Do not trot out that tired whine about how having to change lanes is putting your life in jeopardy. Man up, change lanes and live to ride another day.

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