The ‘Urban Cycling Movement’ Is At Best Myopic

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Fully Autonomous Cars Are Unlikely, Says America’s Top Transportation Safety Official

Some people just like to drive, for one thing.

How optimistic are you that self-driving cars will cut into the auto accident death toll?

I’m very optimistic. For decades we’ve been looking at ways to mitigate injury when you have a crash. We’ve got seat belts, we’ve got air bags, we’ve got more robust [auto body] structures. Right now, we have the opportunity to prevent the crash altogether. And that’s going to save tens of thousands of lives. That’s the ideal end point: no crashes whatsoever.


Those who find themselves identifying as Leftist Mass Transit Wonks are quite likely to overlook the rather odd interpretation of the intent of the Top U.S. Transportation Safety Official by the folks who write this article because that is what those who are waging a rather obvious War On Cars do. They ignore any news about cyclists or bicycles that sheds some rather harsh light on The Movement and focus entirely on the bad things that automobiles and their drivers do.

What would be ‘a really big slap in the face‘ would be to have automobile technology usher in a realistic era when Vision Zero was achievable. But sadly that is the case and we will no doubt witness that glorious day sooner than they would like.

No Vision For Mass Transit

What is really baffling is the love affair that members of the Urban Cycling Movements Lapdog School of Journalism with buses and trains. It is as if they are attempting to channel the spirt of the long dead Leftists from the 1920s who are urging them to fight tooth and nail for a method of transportation that has proven nearly useless in practice. Buses are a joke!

All you have to do is visit the Chicago ‘Whine and Jeez Club’ Cycling Forum to see just how much riding the Bus irks lots of bicycle riders. Commuter trains are a step up from buses. And even the elevated trains in Chicago do better financially than buses. What keeps buses around is the fact that ‘trains cannot grow in real-time‘ with the needs of the public. But Leftists are actually Luddites who cannot dislodge failed policies and ideas from their sphincters and so keep trying to ride these idiotic ideas no matter the cost.

Autonomous Cars Will Succeed

(Bloomberg)—Allstate Corp., the largest publicly traded U.S. home and auto insurer, said the country’s transportation network is highly inefficient, with vehicles sitting idle for most of the day, and that the company is betting on inevitable changes to the system.

“Even moderate increases in effectiveness and efficiency have the potential to raise household income by 5 percent annually,” Allstate Chief Executive Officer Tom Wilson said today at a conference held by Barclays Plc. “I know of no other economic opportunity to generate this much wealth for Americans. Now, Allstate is leaning in to this opportunity.”

Some patterns have already shifted, with many young adults shunning car ownership and preferring to arrange trips through ride-sharing services such as Uber Technologies Inc. That company has announced plans to allow consumers in downtown Pittsburgh to summon self-driving cars from their phones.

The trends will eventually lead to safer roads and decrease the need for traditional car insurance, Wilson said. He still expects premium revenue to climb for at least another 10 years, partly because it will take many people that long to adapt newer technologies.

The Secret Lies In Governmental Use Of Autonomous Cars

The very first thing you will see are local municipalities taking money from car companies to allow the use of fleets of autonomous cars. If things work out well eventually the city will take a fleet of autonomous cars in exchange for some cash so as to piggyback off the success of the business model.

It will mean for the first time that cities can simply provide the tools for their customers to reach destinations of their choosing on their schedules and all the fares go into the public coffers. No need to have scams like red light camera intersections which bilk motorists of millions of dollars and create more traffic collisions perhaps than they prevent.

Instead people who live in cities who either do not wish to own an autonomous car or cannot afford one will finally be able to go essentially door-to-door to get to work. The size of these models will probably be like passenger vans. If you want more privacy you pay for passage on a 2 or even 4 seater! Either way you get to work with time to spare and are able to get home easily because the schedule of your transportation adapts to you and not the other way around.

We Need To Pity Leftists Stuck In The Past

Every time I read one of the articles published on autonomous cars that pooh-poohs the idea I keep thing about the Russian Politburo of the 1950s and 1960s who could not turn away from its latest round of 5-year planning. About the only thing they ever truly mastered was propaganda. The Urban Cycling Movement is obviously working from a Socialist Playbook. They have never seen a mass transit system that provided cars for 50 to 200 riders at a time that they did not like. At least in theory. They themselves try to avoid ‘cattle calls‘ of any sort while riding their precious bicycles.

Keep in mind that when a company that provides personal insurance tells you that a technology like autonomous vehicles is likely to put them out of the business (to some degree) of providing traditional car insurance you are probably hearing the truth. Nobody in a Capitalistic Society likes to admit that their product has become the spats of the day. But the Leftists of our Day glory in the ideals of a generation long dead and their ideas and ideals following them in hot pursuit.



Ask yourself whether the views of the general public are more in concert with those of the Urban Cycling Movement or less. A non-scientific survey would probably uncover a general dissatisfaction with bike lanes. They are not saving people and when there are spikes in the mortality rates in places where they exist, the only answer that Socialist Playbook Followers have is that newer style lanes are right around the corner. But how will they differ from those today? And why were they not the ones initially instituted?

If the answer is that money is short, then be prepared to learn that going forward people are going to be a lot less interested in putting down tax money for a ‘special lane‘ for Hipsters who whine at every opportunity that such lanes are being defiled by dirt, plants put too close to them and the sun being too hot on colder days. They are constantly being defiled by cops and emergency vehicles trying to do their work or delivery trucks bringing in the very beer than Hipsters inhale with each pedal stroke.

Nope the general public is going to hear that mortality rates are down and wonder why we are still putting in lanes that require constant painting, sweeping, shoveling and glass removal at the requests of folks who hate car drivers. I for one would gladly delight in the day that cars were shown to be the Salvation of Cyclists and not the other way around.