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Waubonsie Lake Park - Sunflowers

Waubonsie Lake Park – Sunflowers

Riding around the Waubonsie Lake itself (inside the Park) is quite delightful. There are lots of egrets and herons on any given day. And the entire length of the lake is covered with both wildflowers and cultivated ones growing either along the shoreline or inside of the backyards of the neighbors who face the lake itself! Much of the view is quite breathtaking.

On a serious but jovial note, a bicyclist (one of many who are out on the trail) was evidently playing Pokemon Go. He was riding about 10 yards behind a young woman who was jogging. He was busy examining the screen of his smartphone with one hand (and thumb) and trying to steer the bike with the other.

I was watching him intently because he was veering across the yellow line that demarcates the directions in which walks/jogger/bikers should travel. At the moment he was completely absorbed in his game. I feared he was going to collide with Connie. She said in a gentle but firm voice ‘Heads Up!‘. He raises his gaze from the LCD screen on his device to suddenly realize he was a scan few feet from colliding with her.

Then it was a mild comedy as he tries to steer one-handed while fighting to emerge from the fog of the very same self-induced type of distraction that the Urban Cycling Movement constantly whines about in motorists. Had he been approaching another person (perhaps on foot) who was also playing Pokemon Go there would no doubt have been a collision sharp enough to inflict damage to the pedestrian and resulting in death provided he/she fell on the noggin while hitting the pavement!

But hey! We cyclists are only really interested in this kind of problem when it gives us a chance to scold a motorist. Everyone knows that Cars Kill, Bicycles Don’t! At least that was what the fellow from West Town Bikes (if memory serves) said on camera a few years ago when being interviewed by Channel 7.

Don’t let this sort of cautionary tale prevent you from being an asshole on MUPs or for that matter cause your behavior in the pedestrian crosswalks on Dearborn Street. Always remember that we cyclists are the best damn thing to happen to the planet. And the gods of this world all work for bicycle advocacy groups here in Chicagoland!

Go out and have a beer and be sure to post your inane images of yourselves holding up a pint of ale so that we can show motorists just how little we actually care about drinking and driving drunk!

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