Driving Is A Sin…Understanding ‘The War On Cars’

I came across a set of stickers being distributed by a member of the Church of Urban Cycling. The stickers are printed on a dark background and show the logo of the law firm owned by the church member positioned to the left of the message being conveyed on the sticker. That message reads ‘Driving Is A Sin‘. And to the right of the sticker a copy of the standard U.S. DOT bicycle logo is depicted with an oval halo above it.

The Church of Urban Cycling is fairly Progressive/Liberal/Socialist in its outlook. At least as indicated by the opinions and actions of its members. I am pretty certain that most of the folks who inhabit this religious space would find it offensive to have a Conservative Evangelical Church member create a bumper sticker that read ‘Being In A Same Sex Relationship Is A Sin‘.

I am pretty certain that there would be all sorts of angry denouncements of the bigotry of any church which lived by a principle that allowed it to denounce your lifestyle based on how you got through life. But here we are looking at two groups whose ideals are at cross purposes with one another and declaring those ideals is causing some hurt feelings (i.e. ruffled feathers).

Is it not time for everyone to take a deep breath and at least try to understand one another’s point of view? Evidently the law firm owner who created the bike stickers believes that God is offended by one’s transportation mode. After all sin is not an empty word or concept. To see something as a sin is to declare that God is being offended. It also implies that some sort of list of commandments is present that is available to all those who will read it and then act accordingly.

What this means then is that should you believe that practicing homosexual lovemaking is a sin, you are free (at least within the context of the church community) to which you belong to be justified in denying your business services to a couple looking to buy a wedding cake or get a marriage license.

I would guess too that if ‘driving is a sin‘ it is necessary for me as a member of Church of Urban Cycling to feel free to deny the human and constitutional rights of drivers who are breaking God’s Law. It it probably the reason that burning cars in Germany or breaking off driver’s side mirrors in Chicago are likely to go unchallenged by members of the Church of Urban Cycling.

I guess that nobody has the corner on stupidity or bigotry. It is a trait we all share and will never cease to be displayed so long as our churches do not preach ‘forgiveness‘. And that will never happen so long as we keep making sticker for our cars and top tubes that churn up our pious resentment of those whose actions offend us.