Good Reads : Week of 6 December 2015

The subtitle on this article reads:

National Walking Summit aims to make streets safer and more accessible for poor, people of color, disabled and kids.

Whenever I see this it makes me think that the author is unknowingly equating walking with the ‘underclass‘. I get that same vibe from reading the words of members of the Urban Cycling Community in various threads.

But most telling of all is that cyclists are seldom willing to walk a few blocks from where their bikes are parked to their offices. Curious isn’t it?

Both pedestrians and cyclists have joined the ranks of the ‘distracted‘. I am spotting more of them texting while riding no-handed in the ‘Door Zone‘ than ever before. Who knows what effect those two beers are going to have on their ability to pilot their bicycles or avoid obstacles on the sidewalks?

These two articles on global emissions and public transit are probably not going to be well-accepted by the rank-and-file of the Urban Cycling Movement. The articles are the distillation of statistics which are suggesting perhaps things that the Far Left would rather not hear.

This should warm the hearts of those who already ‘feel superior‘ for taking up bicycle commuting. Having God-like powers bestowed on you, completes the delusion.

If the goal of the TOD crowd is to eliminate pave-overs within cities in favor of green spaces, why not make the 100 miles of Chicago’s bike lanes as green as possible?

Convert them to crushed limestone surfaces that drain and have a dispersed reflectivity? Sure it would mean traveling on tires that can withstand the surface qualities but that would be worth it, right?

Cyclists have managed to close the gap between those they say are the worsts of the worst (namely motorists) and themselves. We are as dangerous for pedestrians to walk in front of (when crossing in a protected crosswalk) as would be motorists. We are not out there in the numbers as drivers so our impact on pedestrians is far less. But just let us get our numbers up and we will have a police task force created just to manage the mayhem we are causing.

Now what is really sad is the number of drive-by shootings that have occurred here in Chicago and elsewhere. Because bikes are silent and can go just about anywhere a pedestrian would when fleeing a scene, we have discovered that bikes are the preferred vehicles for shooters. In fact when you see cyclists riding through intersections and running red lights, assume that they are either in the act of fleeing a crime scene or practicing for the eventuality of doing so.

Makaylah Mnyofu (r.) and Haille Minor (l.) stand with Lindblom students to protest proposed budget cuts. © DNAinfo/Andrea V. Watson

The central ‘sin‘ committed by Emmanuel, McCarthy and Claypool is confusing their idea of what is best for Chicagoans with what they are willing to provide. For that reason it makes perfect sense for Rahm’s staff at CDOT to have penned a manifesto for cyclists:

Chicago's Cycling Movement Issues A Leftist Manifesto

Chicago’s Cycling Movement Issues A Leftist Manifesto

In that frame of mind it makes perfect sense to install bike lanes in communities that neither want them or will use them. It’s a bit like the way we created the Native Americans. Liberal Hubris is rampant everywhere. How else do you promise 100 miles of useless bike lanes while closing $50M dollars worth of schools to build a 2.7-mile trail that costs twice as much!

Here’s a chance to leave the ‘airhead‘ world of the TOD policy wonk in favor of something truly beneficial.