It’s Going To Be A Busy Week for ‘Cycling Activists’

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Willie Mays, Barbara Streisand and Shirley Chisolm


It is going to be a trying week in Chicago for those members of the Urban Cycling Movement who want to keep their at the forefront of human concerns.

For instance we have the assault on bicycling being waged by the captains of Capitalism:

And then there is the calamity that befalls the movement when we realize that women do not share equity usage of the Divvy or for that matter the Citi BikeShare system.

And who could forget that one of our own has been ticketed and order to pay reparations for ‘car slapping‘.

But even more of an assault on the vitality of Urban Cycling is the fact that people were actually parking in the newly completed Clybourn Protected Bike Lane.

And of course there is the major confrontation taking place on the railings of one of the buildings on the University of Chicago Campus where bikes have been illegally parked.

We Must Not Let Our Message Be Overtaken By Distractions Like…

  • The Laquan McDonald shooting and that video that will be displayed by Wednesday
  • Or the fight against that little group known as ISIS


Now is the time for cyclists to unite and protest against the notion that we have to use lights and reflective gear despite the papal encyclical delivered by His Holiness of Copenhagen.

We need in addition to refuse to allow the ‘grown-ups‘ to thwart our cries for passage of the Idaho Stop Law. The best plan of attack is to follow the requests of our forum leaders to organize a stunt similar to that carried out in the Wiggle to make clear that we are ‘Mad As Hell, And We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore‘.

Perhaps the most meaningful way of preventing the snatching of our ‘victimhood‘ crown on Michigan Avenue is to stage a counter protest to the death of Mr. McDonald and instead hold a ‘die-in‘ to protest the issuance of tickets when we rode down the sidewalks on Michigan Avenue or to gather signatures in favor of our fellow cyclists Civil Rights Violation Lawsuit for having had to pay a well-deserved fine for ‘car slapping‘.

Let’s invite the folks who are probably the ones who set the fires in the Pritzker Parking Facility to represent our ‘War on Cars‘ theme as well. I am sure we can also get somebody to give a moving speech that decries the fact that too many pedestrians are using the Bloomingdale 606 Trail which keeps us from riding as fast as we can on the Chicago Lakefront Trail during the summer months.

Ours is the most important movement in 200 years and unless we continue the fight to gain the upper hand over the distractions that keep popping up, it is likely that the general public will forget us.

After all I did not seem anyone from the Urban Cycling Movement being honored in the listing of the Medal of Freedom winners. This is indeed a stark oversight on the part of the President.

Chicago's Cycling Movement Issues A Leftist Manifesto

Chicago’s Cycling Movement Issues A Leftist Manifesto