Making ‘Shit’ Up As We Go…

Background Reading

One rider explained his method of executing a ‘left hand’ turn at a 4-way stop thusly:

  • As he approaches an intersection (with a 4-way stop) while riding on a bi-directional street he rides up to the intersection ‘against traffic‘.
  • He then waits until the traffic coming from the opposite side of the intersection moves before proceeding to execute his left turn.


Jackson-Morgan Intersection (Showing Missing Bike Box)

Jackson-Morgan Intersection (Showing Missing Bike Box)


First off this is some crazy bullshit way of behaving on streets. But frankly getting into a right-hand turn at Jackson and Morgan (from the bike lane) is nearly as wild a gambit.

Bicyclists in most cities are running around with very little training in ‘how to ride safely‘. They are a bit like lemmings and eventually find that the Idaho Two Step is just their cup of tea.

Urban Cyclist "Idaho Stop" Two-Step Variation

Urban Cyclist “Idaho Stop” Two-Step Variation

You Cannot Argue With Pure Ignorance

Without an authoritative document or an instructor to cite most of the riding done in urban areas is ‘seat of the pants‘ and much of it is just plain stupid. But do not try to make your case as to how stupid these maneuvers really are because everyone at the bar will decry your lack of understanding that no matter the stupidity we simply must stand with it because of the:

Good of the Cycling Community