When Cyclists Clash Over Style

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The Urban Cycling Movement is in danger of replacing Chicago street gangs as the least capable members of society to form cogent arguments. We are now at the point where if a Brit decides to argue that bicyclists join the rest of society and be required to display a license plate that this is somehow ‘goofy‘. It isn’t and the next bit of audio will explain why.

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The Problem Is Accountability Or The Lack Thereof

We cyclists keep ranting about the need to be ‘taken seriously‘. And we attempt to establish this by referring to the use of a bicycle as ‘basic transportation‘. Frankly, it is not. It is something that when compared to an automobile or mass transit fails miserably when the weather turns nasty. I know this because just about November bicycle forum revive threads on ‘how to stay motivated in bad weather‘.

Cycling is not to be confused with some epic television show that pits people against one another on a lonely island. It is merely a means of getting from point A to point B and unfortunately does not even do that very well.

A two-wheeled bicycle does not compare with an enclosed trike when it comes to taking on all of the elements encountered out-of-doors. You have to worry about slipping and skidding on ice and snow and you really need to invest in warm clothing to withstand even mild winters.

But you can get back and forth to work. You just need to consider the logistics of where to grab a shower and how to carry clothes into which you will change once you are cleaned up and sweet smelling. And none of this is something that a commuter taking the train into the city or a bus rider would ever have to consider.

Getting Back To License Plates

We need to enter the 21st Century and own the fact that our bikes need to be licensed, registered and plated. Nothing is more frustrating to a pedestrian or a motorist for that matter than to have a cyclist do something illegal and dangerous and be unable to report the fellow because there are no positive means of identification.

Of course that is just fine with most cyclists and the groups that are supposed to be advocates. It would be very difficult for them to continue their group narrative of ‘victimhood‘ if 311 was getting a bunch of complaints about cyclist behavior on the sidewalks, in the streets and even the bike lane.

And for those cyclists who complain that they never do ‘bad things‘, fine. But when one of us does act like an asshole he needs to have to be accountable. That way you and I (assuming we are behaving ourselves) don’t have to form vigilante groups to police our ‘black sheep‘.