When Cyclists Scold Cyclists

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Danger: Riders who kill pedestrians could soon face charges

Danger: Riders who kill pedestrians could soon face charges


Somewhere along the way cyclists got out of the habit of scolding bad behavior within their ranks and decided ‘for the good of the community‘ to focus solely on the behavior of motorists.

That approach is essentially the one taken by the father of a recently murdered 8-year old here in Chicago. It seems the father is a known street gang member and his son was murdered ‘in cold blood‘ by rival gang members in retaliation for shootings by his gang.

But what was most egregious was the notion put forward by the father of this young child, that he was not the murderer and so the focus on his behavior (and presumably that of his gang) was unwarranted.

Well that is poppycock! In a recent thread I noted that the owner of a forum was wondering whether when it was noticed that cyclists were not just making mistakes on the streets but actually being aggressively out of step with those showing proper behavior, should anyone feel inclined to scold that behavior.

Hell yes! You cannot have a BlackLivesMatter movement and ignore the violence done within the African-American Community by gang members. To focus merely on the behavior of police while ignoring gang violence is inconsistent with sane logic.

Bicyclists Have To Take A Stand

I’m sorry, but when a bicyclist is behaving like a lunatic it is incumbent upon all of us to take a stand and denounce that type of behavior. Otherwise we are guilty of behaving like community members who refuse to cooperate with police when gang shootings take place and then follow up that recalcitrant behavior with critiques of the police for not acting swiftly enough to catch the shooters. In short it ‘takes a village‘.

Being a wall flower when it comes to bad and even dangerous behavior displayed by cyclists and being an activist when that same behavior is displayed by a motorist is essentially the ‘essence of bigotry‘. It is this kind of thinking that has established the overly aggressive tendency of juries and judges to throw non-violent drug offenders in jail if they are people-of-color and to ignore the same failure in ‘elites‘.

This is the very essence of racism. And picking on motorists for things that you would never ‘call out‘ a fellow cyclist for comes from the same place in the human heart.



Being an activist when you have to criticize your own is difficult for many cyclists and others. But we are all guilty of giving people that look like us ‘a pass‘ when it comes to handing out punishment.