Trying To Justify The ‘606 Boondoggle’

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According to Renn, The 606 is not “a project of citywide significance, nor a bona fide tourist attraction.” Photo: Trust for Public Land

According to Renn, The 606 is not “a project of citywide significance, nor a bona fide tourist attraction.” Photo: Trust for Public Land


Lipstick On A Pig

Lipstick On A Pig

I do not envy the Mayor of the City of Chicago the task of having to count on Portland-style whiners to check the stem of ‘white flight‘ that has plagued this city for decades. But eventually the presence of corporate entities is hoped to offset the movement of these same whiners to suburban pastures once they stop popping out babies who will spend their lives dressed in skinny jeans, beards and nose rings.

But unless gun violence is stemmed nothing will ever be certain when it comes to the racial mix of this city. In the meantime we will have to settle for vague almost religious language about bicycles being the source of healing for a city divided along lines that run so deep nobody knows where to dig to find the right. I know, because I grew up here.

Boondoggles Are Wasteful Spending Objectified

It’s kinda funny when the two-man Hipster team of lapdogs tries to chew its way out of its cage from time-to-time. The most recent attempt involved splitting hairs over what constitutes a protected lane. But the lanes have never really been the issue. It is the Protected Intersections that will keep us safer. But these two ignoramuses know this and want merely to look tough rather than meek. Sorry, the ‘snarling‘ is not working.

In fact your TOD fetish is current starting to show. And I agree thoroughly with the masses that having what amounts to a flop-house style of building is not healthy for a community. But you will figure that out before long and the current fawning over this kind development will lead some of you to explore Chicago history to rediscover what the same idea meant nearly 50-75 years ago and whether it worked.

Meantime there is the slavish approach displayed in this suck-up article regarding the ‘Chicago 606‘. I would love to see how these two charmers would have reacted to $100M being spent on a bicycle parking facility. They would have no doubt bent over backwards to explain away the costs (especially when the city cannot find that much money for schools) on something that satisfies less than one percent of the city’s transportation sector.

And it really stings to know that the suburbs were able to build something nearly 30 miles in length for one fifth the cost (check my math). But hey, when your life is being spent trying to justify crappy bike lanes and the premise that the rest of the city needs these things and will use them year round, you have to be willing to accept a lot of really stupid stuff to help serve as a palette cleanser for the bad taste you get in your mouth kissing ass.

So ‘type away me laddies‘. Perhaps you can convince yourselves that Divvy is really a font of hope that the jobs needed to justify its presence on the South and West Sides will soon arrive.