Cycling in Chicago Without A Bike Light Is Dangerous

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urban-cycling-ninjasOver time I guess even the Active Transportation Alliance has to do what it gets paid to do. That is essentially provide a ‘moral compass‘ for those looking to become efficient cyclists and those trying to help their fellow newbies develop.

Door Zone (graphic)

Door Zone (graphic)

New Sharrows place riders in 'Door Zone'

New Sharrows place riders in ‘Door Zone’

If this is the case then great! I just wish we could get past the meaningless drivel we spew when yet another rider managers to occupy the Door Zone and pays the price. By now it should have been passed onto to every rider that you avoid the Door Zone.

But for now we will rejoice that the louts over at ATA got off their collective arses and made a very nice video about the dangers of riding ‘ninja style‘.