The Idea Is Not Just To Encourage Cycling, It Is To Banish The Automobile Altogether

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Your Car Is In The Crosshairs Of The Urban Cycling Movement

Your Car Is In The Crosshairs Of The Urban Cycling Movement


The ‘war on cars is real‘. There are however two problems with this approach. It has begun with a warm and fuzzy campaign to encourage bicycling. But the ultimate aim is often denied by those who realize that nearly half of the folks who identify as bicyclists and live in suburbs are also automobile owners. So owning the fact that the war on cars is real is dicey.

And that brings me to my second point. The movement to usher in the age of the bicycle will not be voluntary. Those who have planned this all along realize that the obsession Americans have with cars is real. So there is really only one way to separate people from their cars. You make it impossible for them to be used in the city limits without a great deal of expense and inconvenience.

Evidently this second plan is not working out so very well. The city of Evanston has for years been offering free parking in its municipal lots on weekends. I suppose the problem they have been trying to resolve is that folks are not shopping on the weekends as much as before.

Whatever the reason, it is going to take more than trying to squeeze parking spaces out of newly renovated or developed housing to make this work. But what is unfair is that nobody is currently willing to own this ‘war on cars‘. But they should. They should be as forthright as the Nazis were in planning their Final Solution.

Right now these folks are simply waging a campaign in which they deny their intent. The job of every free-thinking American is to get them to own their intent and then allow the people (all of the people, both bike owners and car drivers) to decide collectively.