Lies! Damn Lies and Statistics!

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Scheinfeld, 27th Ward alderman Walter Burnett, and Emanuel at this morning’s press conference. Photo: CDOT


Photo Credit: Josh Koonce


There are lies, damned lies and statistics.
Mark Twain

It is interesting to see the Urban Cycling Movement engaged in an internecine squabble over stuff that really does not matter. I would expect the Benghazi Subcommittee to be calling for an explanation of just who is lying here.

First off, it really does not matter. When the crime rate in Chicago is high enough to give even a cocaine user a nose bleed does it really matter how many miles of shitty lanes are present? Really? Haven’t we had enough of all the statistical diddling that is being done to hide the crime problems in our city. Do we really need this sort of quibbling over how many miles of unrideable lanes actually exist?

Now if you were to tell me that the citizens in the South and West sides of the city had so many newly created jobs to ride their useless Divvy bikes to, then I might stand up and take notice.

But right now I figure that which department is doing the most lying about the least number of miles of lanes is like ignoring the murder of a Chicago Police Department employee by a bicyclist. Now if only the StreetsBlog lapdogs and their cheerleaders in the various forums had enough guts to report that sort of thing, it might be worth looking up from my issue of Whiners Anonymous.

Get a grip people. Go back to arguing over things like Who Pays For Roads.