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William Cochran, 18, of Chicago, is charged with murder in the shooting death of a CPD employee. (WLS)

William Cochran, 18, of Chicago, is charged with murder in the shooting death of a CPD employee. (WLS)


The article reads:

William Cochran, 18, of Chicago, is charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of John “Buck” Buckner, who worked for the Chicago Police Department.

“The focus and determination displayed by Area South detectives led them to develop enough evidence from witnesses to identify the shooter,” Deputy Chief Eugene Roy said.

Buckner, 59, was shot to death while unloading groceries at his Morgan Park home. Three teenagers rode up on bicycles and opened fire, police said, around 8:40 p.m. on September 16 in the 11500-block of South Church Street.

“[Buckner] and his wife threw themselves to the ground in an attempt to avoid the gunfire,” said Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Kim Przekota.

Our Priorities In The Urban Cycling Community Are ‘Screwed Up’

When the SF Critical Mass Ride went sideways a few weeks ago there was nothing posted in any of the discussion outlets about the event. We choose to ignore it.

We are doing the same, again. In the SF Critical Mass Ride a woman alone in her car was attacked by cyclists who illegally ‘rode against traffic‘ to reach her car and then attempt to provoke a confrontation. Acknowledging that this even happened it hard for a group that is all about ‘the good of the community‘.

That word ‘community‘ has nothing to do with where you or I actually live. It is in essence ‘code‘ for the reputation of ‘elites‘ who live in what are essentially ‘segregated areas of the city‘ and must have their reputation as a pseudo-minority group protected at all costs.

This week a nearly 3-year old report about a man who sabotaged mountain bike trails was revived and everyone did their usual ‘victimhood‘ thing by clucking their virtual tongues and wallowing in a bit of ‘woe is me‘ for the day. It feels good to have the role of ‘victim‘ stamped on your forehead.

A couple of weeks one of Chicago PD’s own was gunned down in front of his home while unloading his goddam groceries. The perpetrators were three youths on their bicycles. Did this event make the discussion groups. Nah!

They were far too busy complaining that their bike lanes were being violated by little old ladies in wheelchairs. And this bullshit was followed up the other day by complaints that new bike infrastructure in the Loop (which employ bidirectional bike lanes) was going to mean that they would have to ‘yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk‘.

This in turn was going to mean that they would lose all their momentum and have to struggle to get going after a possible complete stop. In fact one participant was hoping to enlist help for a cyclist in the city who was showing signs of not having a clue as to how to get going after such a calamitous event. Poor things!

Then just last night I heard that the cops had managed to capture at least one of the shooters of the police department employee unloading his groceries. I wonder if this news will even make it to the various forums. Perhaps not. There is plenty of stuff to push it out, like arguments over whether the more than 100 miles of bicycle infrastructure is enough. And then there is always the gang that wants to complain because having to obey traffic laws makes no sense in their eyes when riding a bicycle and other really important stuff that keeps the focus on the ‘victimhood‘ of the Chosen Few. And just so you know, these folks are not to be confused with Marines.

But the Irony of All Ironies Would Be This

Had these three gunmen on bicycles been hit and seriously injured or even killed by an automobile while on their way to shoot this member of the CPD their plight would have made the headlines of the various bicycling discussion groups. The lead forum headlines would have pointed out that once again cyclists are victims to automobiles on our streets.

That is what life is like in the upside-down world of Urban Cycling.