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The large wheels of a parked tour bus encroach into the bike lane.

The large wheels of a parked tour bus encroach into the bike lane.


Cyclists are given to lots of ‘chest thumping‘ when describing their daily commutes. This particular article is about a commute during weather warm enough to not require heavy coats, boots and gloves. But it does give a fairly accurate description of the commute you can expect in many cities.

Of course the one question to always ask a cyclist these days (since so many cycling organizations seem to split their allegiances between cycling and mass transit) why not take the bus or train? After all the whining about the level of funding for these methods of travel seems to imply that they need all the ridership they can muster.

So why not pay your fair share and take the active forms of transportation? I mean it isn’t as if you really do need to spend each morning whining to your fellow commuters about the umpteenth time a vehicle parked in the bicycle caused you to enter the traffic lane to your left.

And besides given all the snaking that I see cyclists do on a regular basis when they are ‘filtering‘ their way to the ‘head of the line‘ to ‘jump a red light‘ tells me that all this blather about being frightened to have to ‘swerve into traffic‘ is a bit of melodramatic blarney designed to give you and your daily journey a bit of cachet.

Save it for somebody who cares.

If you picked bike commuting as your method of getting to and from work, stick with it. Stop the whining. It sounds like grousing. If you cannot stomach the indignities of the ‘real world‘ and you hate sitting next to people suffering from oral and bodily hygiene issues, then dammit, walk the mile or two you ride to work. You know take the sidewalk like everyone else.