What Have People Got Against Cyclists?

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Photograph: Guardian imaging

Photograph: Guardian imaging


Can we get some cheese with this whine? You almost hate to even read the opening paragraphs of these ‘self-pity articles‘. The facts are that of all the folks who suffer injury on the roadways motorists and their passengers, followed by pedestrians are the ones with the most to cry about.

But to hear it from these whiners, everyone is out to get them. Wrong! You bring a 19th century conveyance onto roads where big tires are the norm and you get flats. You try to use rim brakes when you should be using either drum or disc brakes and you whimper because you cannot stop very well in bad weather.

You vacillate be wanting to be seen better on the roadways but prefer to dress like ninjas and then complain because people ‘ignore‘ you on the streets and MUPs. Some ‘good samaritan‘ offers you free reflective paint for you clothing and frame  and you spit in his eye.

And still there is this incessant whining. Somebody ought to ‘bitch-slap‘ the entire group. They hold sham memorial rides to memorialize the number of their group that have died by motor vehicle. But they completely ignore those pedestrians they have managed to kill, claiming that their ride is just for fellow cyclists. Sham religion!

They fight for same rules, same roads and then once again decide that the rules they have to follow are not quite to their liking. So they break them and then complain that you are cracking down on them. They park their bikes on private property and complain when it gets removed with an angle grinder. But then they complain that anyone parking in the bike lane should be ticketed. Say what?

Here’s The ‘Real Gospel’

The Messiah is not a franchise. You don’t get your own cross when you ride a bike. You take your chances like everyone else. Things are bad out there on the roadways, most of all for pedestrians who not only have to worried about being run down by motorists, but also bicyclists. And those who make it through the crosswalk now have to worry about being shot at by cyclists as well.

You don’t get to whine about the treatment you get on the roadways when you perform a hit and run on a 70-year old woman on a MUP and complain that the reason you did not stop to see about her condition was that you were late for an appointment and besides you did ring your bell. Sheesh!