Obeying Traffic Controls: The ‘New Relativism’

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Do you stop for all red lights?

Do you stop for all red lights?



That license plate reads ‘Same Rights, Same Rules‘. Evidently that sentiment is passé. It has been replaced by one which essentially says that when you are out on the roadway, you are free to ‘poll your fellow riders‘ and their collective sentiment is the one to be followed.

I sense a very slippery slope. Most of this sort of relativism is predicated on the notion that the automobiles sharing the roadway are going to be relatively well-behaved. Otherwise, what sense would it make to run a red light or roll through an intersection governed by stop signs if everybody was going with the idea that ‘what the spirit says is what I will do‘?

Bicycle Advocacy Groups Are To Blame

There is money to be made when you are involved in the Bicycle Advocacy Game. You get to run all sorts of tax free dodges (better known as ‘fundraisers‘) and then turn around and troll the government for all sorts of ‘handouts‘ to make cycling safer, )whatever the heck that means at this moment).

What I find interesting is that groups like Active Transportation Alliance are actually setting up spots along the Bike The Drive route where they are ‘catching‘ pirate riders. I suppose too that Bicycling Magazine has some practices in place to discourage readers who filch their material without paying.

That seems a bit disingenuous. Shouldn’t both these groups allow their readers and members to ‘decide for themselves whether they want to pay or not‘? I kind of doubt that the irony of their having rules in place to catch ‘scofflaws‘ and to insist that their rules be obeyed is somehow hypocritical given their take on behaving the actual laws in place on the road.

Let’s Just Admit The Facts

Why not simply acknowledge that we do not give a damn about the ‘Rules of the Road‘. Let’s let the general public in on the game we are playing? We are a law unto ourselves and we should simply acknowledge our intentions to decide on a moment by moment basis whether to obey the laws of the road or not.

Better yet, we should send letters to the local Superintendents of Police putting them on notice that on any given Sunday we ‘may or may not stop at all lights‘. And we should probably let them know too that ‘we are often unwilling to obey stop signs and that they should get over it‘.

Now doesn’t that feel better. It’s like being a person on a diet who sometimes sneaks a candy bar and at other times waves a raw carrot in front of the ‘fat-haters‘.