Cyclists Aren’t Better People

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Cycling Is Essentially A Religion

Cycling Is Essentially A Religion


Most cyclists like to point the finger at Conservative Christians as evidence of what is wrong with religion. But like Conservative Christians the Church of Urban Cycling is full of people who belong because of what it says about them.

The Urban Cycling Community is as haughty as any congregation in Christendom. But they fail to understand that a religion does not make you better. Belonging to the Crystal Cathedral is no guarantee that you will be a nicer person. That is more a matter of how you treat others.

Urban Cycling Community members are never more at home than in finger-pointing sessions where they single out the ‘true sinners of the roadway‘, motorists. But what do we do when we manage to kill some hapless pedestrians in the crosswalks of America?

Our favorite response is that we do not do it as often.