The New ‘Drive-By Shooting’ Vehicle Of Choice

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DNAinfo/Howard A. Ludwig

DNAinfo/Howard A. Ludwig



It will not go lost on the residents of Morgan Park that the new vehicle of choice in conducting ‘drive-by shootings‘ is the bicycle. It is equally obvious that none of the people meeting in the image were on bicycles. But it is equally obvious that no one from the Urban Cycling Community could pull themselves away from smoking that last bit of weed or sample yet another pint of ale to make an appearance.

Fine, but do not presume to tell people who live in Chicago that having bicycles in your neighborhood is going to bring equanimity to a troubled place. In fact, if police are smart (and I know they are) they are already learning to profile ‘bad guys‘ as being bicycle riders.

Yet one more instance in which the Urban Cycling Community has managed to reach parity with the hated motor vehicle. ‘You go boys and girls of Victimhood-land‘. You have managed to become predators as well.

Your proudest moment has to be when you read this, right?:

Police Officer Carressa Northcross works in the CAPS office in Morgan Park and said the latest meeting for the beat that includes the 11500 block of South Church Street had only 10 attendees.

She encouraged residents to participate in the meetings as well as get their children involved in the department’s peer jury and other programs.

“When you have a problem, it is not just your problem. It is the entire block’s problem,” Northcross said. “We teach you how to problem solve.”

Natalie Bibbs, 17, lives just a few houses down from Buckner. The senior at Morgan Park High School said everywhere she goes since the shooting she sees children on bikes and worries.

“I’m scared to walk to school now,” Bibbs said.